1D Preferences #607: He gives you a shout out during a concert...

Niall: He wipes the sweat off his forehead with the hem of his shirt and beams at the crowd, his eyes searching for you. As he spots you, he runs to the edge of the stage and gives you a wave. "Before we sing this next song," Niall shouts into the microphone, just as the beginning chords of Moments starts to play. "I'd like to dedicate it to my beautiful girlfriend in the audience, I know this is one of her favorites!"
Harry: He runs his fingers through his hair and brushes it off his face with one hand as he clutches the microphone in the other. He smiles out at the audience but his smile brightens as he spots you in the third row. He blows you a kiss and catches the kiss you blow back as he brings the microphone to his lips. "A special little shout-out to the special lady in the audience," he calls, causing the audience to whistle and cheer. "I love you!"
Liam: "Give it up Birmingham!" he shouts into the microphone, his eyes lighting up at the cheering crowd. "Let's also give it up for someone very special to me," he begins, his eyes searching the audience until he sees your familiar face. "Give it up for my fantastic girlfriend! I love you, babe!" He finishes, giving you a wave before sitting on the floor of the stage for "Over Again".
Louis: He pushes up his sleeves and catches his breath as the upbeat notes of Kiss You finish up and Niall slips on his guitar. While Niall and the band get ready for the next song, Rock Me, he remembers you're in the crowd tonight and decides to search for you. He places his hand above his eyes like a sailor searching for land and he jumps up when he sees you with a smile. "Hi babe! Love you!" he calls into the microphone, causing the other boys to tease him and you to blush.
Zayn: He adjusts the collar of his jacket as Over Again ends and the boys all climb up from the stage. "So, Rutherford! You guys having a good time?" he calls out, eliciting wild cheers from the crowd. "Me too! Today is a very special show for me," he begins, his eyes finding yours as his smile widens. "My lovely girlfriend is out in the audience, seeing the boys and I live for the first time! Hope you're having a good time, I love you!"
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