1D Preferences #585: Tattoos...

Harry: Your fingers trace the '17BLACK', the two swallows, the words lightly inked in cursive just above his hip. As you do that, he runs his fingers through your hair as the salt water breeze fills the air and the sun begins to droop below the horizon. "I think I might get a new one soon," he sighs, watching you trace the swallows with your thumb. "Yeah?" you ask, turning to meet his gaze and smiling with the familiar emerald sight. "I'm thinking about something that ties back to you," he says softly, a grin falling over his face. "And I'm going to get it over here," he places his hand over his heart just as you lean over and kiss him.
Zayn: "Which one do you like the best?" you ask him, your eyes flickering across his bare chest and his arms and all of his dark tattoos. "Which one do I like best?" he repeats, moving his gaze from yours and looking down at the pieces of ink. "I think this one," he points to the solid heart tattoo and smiles, looking back at you and cupping your chin. "It reminds me of you, so it's my favorite," he says softly, leaning in for a kiss. "That was corny, but I'll accept your answer," you laugh, kissing him back.
Liam: "Are you having fun?" Liam laughs, watching as you subconsciously and rhythmically trace his four arrow tattoos with your finger. "Sorry!" you say automatically, pulling your hand away and turning back to the movie. "No, it's okay, it's...nice," he says softly, taking your arm. "It tickles." He mimes tracing tattoos on your own arm and you laugh and feel warm from the feeling. "What 'tattoos' are you tracing?" you ask, watching him draw imaginary designs lightly on your skin with his fingers. "A tattoo that says 'I love Liam', a blueberry, a cat," he lists off, laughing and catching you off guard with a kiss.
Louis: "This one is so quirky," you say, running your fingers over the 'Oops!' tattoo on his arm. He's amused and the crinkles form at his eyes as the smile falls over his face. "You're quirky," he replies, nuzzling your neck. "I find your tattoos thoroughly amusing," you continue, brushing your lips over the skateboarder. "That tickles," he laughs, brushing his hair from his eyes. "Do that again?" You brush your lips over the skateboarder tattoo, then his own lips, your eyes meeting his bright blue ones.
Niall: He watches you with interest as you mindlessly trace shapes along his torso, the television playing in the background but your gaze drifting to his chiseled chest. "Are you giving me imaginary tattoos since I've got no real ones?" he laughs, playing with strands of your hair. "Mmmhmm," you hum, tracing your name with your thumb. "Let me see if I can guess what you're writing," he hums, watching you trace the name of his band across his torso. "One Direction!" he guesses, pleased as you nod. You trace more words and he smiles. "I love you, too," he leans over, bringing his lips to yours.
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