❅1D Preferences #556 ❅What he gets you for Christmas

Harry: "Don't peek!" he orders, his hands lightly covering your eyes as he guides you outside. "Harry! Where are we going?" you ask, carefully maneuvering down the driveway. "To get your Christmas gift..ready? One, two..." he moves his hands from your eyes revealing a mint green Cadillac with a bright red bow in the center. You let out an audible gasp and quickly shake your head. "Harry, it's beautiful but it must've been so expensive I can't possibly--" you begin to protest, but he quickly hushes you and shakes his head. "Please? I wanted to get it for you..let's take it for a drive," he dangles the car keys with a key chain of your initial and hands them to you, opening the car door. "All right," you sigh, knowing he won't give in. "Thank you so much, though. I love it." He beams and gives you a quick kiss before hopping in the passenger side, "And I love you."
Liam: "It's not something really crazy, right? I don't want to be spoiled," you say quickly as he hands you a sloppily wrapped slim giftbox. "Promise," he smiles, patting the box. "Somewhat," he mumbles under his breath, watching you untie the ribbon. You open the box to find two season passes to Disney and two plane tickets to fly out next weekend. "Do you like it? I hope you'd like it, I know how much you like it there and we can go next weekend and," he begins, excitedly jabbering on. "I love it, I do," you admit, leaning over and giving him a kiss. "What's the catch?" He pauses and casts his gaze to the floor, biting back a smile. "I kind of rented out the whole park for just us two for that day." You can't deny that was pretty awesome--but he totally couldn't follow the 'do not go crazy with presents' rule, huh?
Louis: "Your gift will be here in five minutes," Louis beams, glancing at his watch. "What have you got planned, Tommo?" you inquire, raising an eyebrow. "You'll love it, I promise." Minutes later the doorbell rings, brandishing tons of stylists and racks of clothes. "Hello! Louis! (Y/N)! Merry Christmas! Let's get started!" a blonde grins, giving you both a hug. She wheels in a rack of clothes and four other people with racks follow. "Loui-" you begin, turning to face him with confusion. "I set this up with Topshop and this is all clothes from their, all in your size and basically it's like having a mini-store in our house for the day because you can try on anything you want and you can keep whatever you like...do you like it?" he asks nervously, his eyes scanning your expression. "Like it? This is amazing, thank you," you squeal, wrapping him in a hug and planting a kiss on his lips.
Zayn: "Open it, open it," Zayn exclaims, thrusting a small silver box in your palm. "Okay, okay, I'm opening it," you laugh, wrapping your palm around the tiny box. You nearly drop the box when you see a gorgeous gold necklace nestled in velvet. It's got a long chain and it's in the shape of a heart with an infinity sign dangling in the center. His eyes watch yours as he gauges your reaction, his fingers secretly crossed like his tattoo that you'll love it. "Oh, Zayn...it's gorgeous," you express, taking it from the box and lying it on your palm. "You like it?" he asks excitedly, letting out a sigh of relief. "The back has our names engraved on it, too." You run your thumb over the names on the back and you pass him the necklace, turning around as he clasps it. As soon as he's done putting the necklace on you, you climb into his arms and give him a kiss.
Niall: "Okay," Niall explains, carefully tying the blindfold on your eyes and leading you upstairs. "Remember a few weeks ago when I told you our bedroom had to be closed off because um, the floor was like broken and you totally believed me?" You snort and quickly nod, wondering what he was getting it. "Well, the floor wasn't broken--and I still totally can't believe I got away with that lie...then again, we weren't home for the past week we were visiting family and...well, okay, anyway. So, for Christmas I had our whole bedroom re-done," he exclaims, untying the blindfold and gesturing towards the now-beautifully decorated room. A window-seat, king sized bed, walk-in closet, plush carpet...all kinds of things you'd always dreamed of were now there. Not like you two's bedroom before wasn't nice, but this was...amazing. "I love it!" you squeal, jumping into his arms. "And I can't believe I actually believed your crap about the broken floor," you laugh, giving him a kiss.
[can be christmas or hannukah or whatever holiday you please ^^]
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