1D Preferences #530: An interviewer asks him for a secret about you...

Harry: He sits up a little bit straighter with the mention of you and the familiar smirk returns to his face, showing off his dimpled cheek. "Erm, well," he scrunches up his nose in thought and faces the interviewer when an idea crosses his mind. "A secret about her is that she doesn't need make-up and she never believes me when I tell her, but it's true."
Niall: His cheeks turn red with the mention of your name and the other boys teasingly poke him and whistle, causing his blush to worsen. "Well, she talks in her sleep sometimes?" he offers, then wonders if maybe he shouldn't have said that. "It's actually really cute, though. Reminds me of that part in 'Little Things' that Lou sings."
Louis: He raises an eyebrow in surprise and gives a shrug, rendering his face in a serious expression. "She's actually a mermaid," he whispers, placing his hand near his mouth as if he's revealing the biggest secret ever. "A very, very lovely mermaid."
Zayn: He looks up from where he'd been idly playing with his sleeve and smiles with the mention of your name. "I'm good at keeping secrets," he says simply, shaking his head. "I'll never tell."
Liam: Crinkles form by his eyes with the mention of your name and he thinks for a moment of what to answer, placing his hand under his chin. "Hm." His cheeks turn pink with the thought of one particular secret but he knows he'll never tell a real one. "She's secretly a superhero."
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