1D Preferences #518: He sings 'Little Things' to you...

Harry: "Aw, what's got you so upset?" Harry frowns when he notices you sitting among piles of your clothes. You'd overturned your closet and you were absolutely disheartened to find out that a lot of your clothes were a bit too tight and didn't quite fit anymore. "They don't...fit," you sigh, kicking a dress with your foot. "Oh well, then. We'll buy you new ones," he says simply, plopping down on the floor next to you and pulling you onto his lap. "But..." you begin to protest but he places his finger over his lips and begins to sing his verse of Little Things, instantly calming you down as you lean back against his chest with his husky voice filling your ears.
Zayn: "That one's my favorite," you comment, listening to him quietly hum the chorus of 'Little Things' as he slips on his coat. He looks up, a bit surprised and smiles. "Is it?" he questions, passing you your scarf and carefully draping it around your neck. You nod and place your gloved hand in his as the two of you head outside into the snow. "Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me..." he whisper-sings in your ear, making you smile and snuggle close to his side as the cold air stings your cheeks.
Louis: "You were talking in your sleep again," Louis smiles when you groggily make your way into the ktichen. "Was I?" you ask curiously, trying to remember what you'd been dreaming. "You were saying something about sweaters and puppies or something," he shrugs and passes you a cup of coffee with amusement. "Oh! I remember now. I was dreaming about some weird photoshoot thing..." He sits down across from you at the kitchen table and playfully sings his verse in Little Things, "You can't go to bed without a cup of tea--and maybe that's the reason that you talk in your sleep," he sings softly, laughing a little with each line. You playfully slap his arm and shake your head. "I don't even drink tea before bed, Lou!"
Niall: "Please don't tell me you're scrolling through your twitter timeline and reading all the nasty things again," Niall frowns when he notices you on your phone--your expression getting increasingly more upset with each flick of your thumb. You look up at him and sigh, placing your phone on your lap. "I can't help it, Niall. They're right," you lean against his shoulder and he wraps his arm around your waist, kissing your cheek and shaking his head. "You'll never treat yourself right darlin'," he sings softly, his warm breath tickling your ear. "but I want you to."
Liam: "How about this one?" Liam holds up his phone and you shake your head. He'd been wanting to change his twitter picture to one of the two of you from your vacation to Bermuda, but you'd found a fault with yourself in each one. "Babe, you look really beautiful in this one," he frowns and skips to the next one, his face brightening. "This one. It's perfect." You examine your face and your body in the picture and quickly shake your head. "I have lines by my eyes and I look fat, I don't want that one." He shakes his head but goes to the next photo anyway, softly singing "I know you've never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smile, you've never loved your stomach or your thighs..."
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