1D Preferences #463: He leaves you a random note...

Zayn: You open up your laptop and see a note inside, scribble in Zayn's handwriting is "Just reminding you that I love you, babe :) xx Z"
Harry: On top of your lingerie drawer, a note in Harry's handwriting reads "Wow, you should wear this red one because I very much like it on you and maybe I can see it later... ;)" Cheeky!
Liam: On the windshield of your car, you find a note stuck under the windshield wipers saying, "Drive safe, I love you and I have a surprise for when you get back homeee! xo L :"
Louis: On your nightstand when you wake up you find a paper with a new game of hangman, all the spaces blank. "Write your guess then leave this note on my pillow so we can continue...game on, (Y/N)!"
Niall: In the fridge right on top of the orange juice is a note from Niall saying, "I love you and I just felt like writing this note because it seemed sweet but maybe it's kind of dumb...have some orange juice! Haha, love ya! xx Ni"
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