1D Preferences #441: You help his mom make dinner...

Niall: "Wow, food and my two favorite girls!" Niall exclaims, sitting down at the kitchen table. His eyes wander hungrily to the pots and pans boiling over the stove. "Ha, ha, that's cute. Being cute earns you a taste," you smile, taking a spoonful of stew and handing it to him. He tastes it and licks his lip. "Mmm....that's so good!" he sighs, placing the spoon in the sink to be washed later. "Go set the table, Ni Ni," Maura says, shooing him out of the kitchen. "Ma! Don't call me that!" Niall replies blushing as he grabs some silverware to set the table. "Aww, that's such a cute childhood nickname," you muse, giving him a wink. "Well," he shrugs, heading to the dining room. "Good job setting the table, Ni Ni!" you call out teasingly once he's finished. Maura chuckles and pats your shoulder. "I've always wanted a daughter, but I had two sons," she says, smiling at the picture of her and her boys hanging on the wall. "You can come to me any time, you know that? You're like a daughter to me." You smile and wrap Mrs. Horan in a hug. "Aw, you're like my second mom," you smile happily.
Louis: "Oh my God, Jay! We're awful!" you laugh and look down at the disaster of chicken, cheese and spices that Jay had just pulled from the oven. You're both doubled over in laughter, wiping tears from your eyes. "My! What's going on in here? You two have some shots? Snort something?" Louis jokes, smiling at you and his mom getting along so well. "We...suck...at...cooking," Jay manages, wrapping her arm around your shoulder. You both compose yourselves and look back at the dish you'd both created, shaking your heads. "Well, mum, I always knew you were a bad cook--I grew up eating the stuff!" Louis laughs, poking the disastrous dish with a fork. "But, (Y/N)! I'm shocked!" Jay tosses the failure dish in the trash and claps her hands together. "So...pizza or Chinese takeout?" You grab the takeout menu from the counter and hold it up. "Chinese!"
Liam: "Do you guys need help with anything?" Liam perches on the edge of the counter and watches you and Karen chop and slice away, making the salad for dinner. You look around and think for a moment, tossing Liam a tomato. "You can slice this," you say with a shrug. "Aw," Karen smiles as Liam begins to slice. "Reminds me of when Liam was little and he used to help me cook dinner all the time." You smile and toss a handful of croutons into the salad bowl. "Did he?" you ask, thinking how cute that is. "I did," Liam interjects, laughing at the memory. "Mum, remember when you got me a chef's hat for Christmas that one year?" Karen laughs and finishes slicing up the lettuce. "You looked so cute, Li Li," she coos, kissing her son's forehead. "Do you have any pictures of that? I'd love to see," you admit, giving Liam a wink. "Ah! Of course! I'll get the ol' photo albums after dinner," Karen grins happily, patting your shoulder.
Harry: "Ah! (Y/N)! You should come cook for me everyday," Anne smiles, tasting a homemade potato crisps you'd just pulled from the oven. "Aw, I'd love to!" you laugh, as Harry enters the kitchen. "What smells so good?" Harry moans, eying the tray of crisps with desire. "Eh! Eh! Eh!" Anne slaps away Harry's hand as he goes to grab some. "Get out of my kitchen!" you exclaim, causing all three of you to burst into laughter. "Fine, fine. This smells delicious, though," Harry says finally, kissing your cheek and heading out. "I love that boy," Anne smiles, watching him leave the room. "I love him, too," you smile. Anne moves the crisps onto a plate and looks at you with a smile. "I can't wait to call you my daughter-in-law, love."
Zayn: "Wow, Mrs. Malik! This looks delicious!" you exclaim, eying the dishes of rice and chicken hungrily. "Call me Patricia, babe!" she exclaims, stirring a pot over the stove. "And, thank you! You're a lovely cooking assistant." You move the chicken onto a plate and admire the finished product. "I'm going to write down some of my recipes to give you," Patricia says, wiping her hands on a dish towel. "Thank you so much, Patricia! I'm surely going to use them, you're a great cook!" you smile, fixing the strings on your apron. "You look cute in an apron, babe," Zayn smiles, walking into the kitchen. He slaps your bum playfully and Patricia rolls her eyes. "Zayn, carry this dish inside," she hands him a large bowl of rice and he nods. "That boy..." Patricia mumbles, a faint smile on her face.
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