1D Preferences #425: You and him shove cake in one of the boys' faces...

Zayn: "I can't believe this is happening again," Zayn chuckles, looking down at the replica of a very familiar Union Jack cake. Nearly a year ago, he and the boys had smashed this cake into Harry's face--and today, on Harry's birthday, it would happen again. You and Zayn casually stand around the cake with Liam, Louis, Gemma, Grimmie, Niall and Josh. "Happy birthday to youuu," everyone sings. Harry leans over with a smile and blows out the candles. Gemma quickly plucks the blown-out candles from the thick buttercream and tosses them in the trash. "CAKE TIME!" Zayn shouts, giving you a wink. You and the group surrounding the cake hoist it up and Zayn carefully presses Harry's face into the icing. Harry surfaces from the sugary dessert laughing as camera flashes go off. "Memories! Flashback!" Harry exclaims, wiping a smudge from his eye. His face looks like a funny kind of Union Jack and it makes you and the rest of the part laugh. Harry takes a handful of the cake and shoves it down the back of Zayn's shirt, and Zayn grabs some red frosting and draws a heart on your cheek. Grimmie grabs a handful of cake and tries to shove it down the back of Harry's pants, Niall grabs a glob of frosting and eats it and the whole party goes wild!
Louis: "Ready?" you ask, looking over the side of the cake at Louis' glittering blue eyes. Louis gives you a nod, picking up one end of Niall's birthday cake as you lift up the other. "One, two, three!" you shout, smashing the cake in the blonde boy's face. He starts laughing and licks the blue and green frosting from his lips, wiping some off his eyelashes. "Shit! That's good!" Niall dips his finger into the frosting and licks it off, not bothering to wipe the cake and sugar from his cheeks. "Aye! Happy birthday, Niall!" a slightly buzzed Zayn wraps the blonde in a hug, getting cake all over his tank top. "Aye! Cheers for Niall!" Liam shouts, wrapping his arm around the blonde. Niall grabs a handful of cake and tosses it at Louis, beginning a huge food fight. "It's on!" you shriek, as a blob of purple icing hits you on the nose. "Bring it!" Louis replies, leaning over and smearing two lines of blue on both of your cheeks as he does the same to his own.
Liam: "This is going to be so fun," Liam says giddily, the two of you clutching cupcakes in both hands. In return for Louis pranking you both by replacing the sugar with salt in your flat, you two were going to cupcake him. "Louis! Open up! We need to talk to you!" you shout, knocking on the door to his flat with your elbow. "Coming! Coming!" you hear his muffled voice from inside. "What do you--" Louis opens the door with confusion and he's met with a bunch of cupcakes to the face and chest. "Ay! What is this?" he exclaims laughing, pulling a cupcake off of him and smushing it on Liam's arm. "You two are more hardcore than I thought, I'm sorry for doubting you," he says with a smirk, giving you both a joking bow. "Have you got anymore cupcakes?" You nod and hold up the bakery box from your feet. About half a dozen more. "Eleanor's still sleeping, shall we cupcake her as well?" he says, a mischievous smirk on his face. "Sounds like a plan! Some revenge for her never giving back my flats she borrowed," you grin, grabbing a few cakes from the box and passing some to Louis. "You guys do that, I'll watch," Liam says, giving a polite shrug. "All right, Liam, record it then," Louis says with a wink, handing Liam his phone. "Deal," he replies, grabbing the phone and following you and Lou up to where El is innocently sleeping.
Niall: "Niall! Stop eating the cake, we're supposed to smash it on Zayn," you slap your boyfriend's hand away from the frosted dessert and he frowns. "But I'm hungry," he sighs, giving you his signature pout. "You'll deal, Zayn should be here soon," you give Niall a small wink and suddenly you hear footsteps. You and Niall slide under the table and the cameras start rolling. For an episode of "You Gotta See This" on Nickelodean, you and Niall were set to prank Zayn--it should be fun. You were delighted that they'd asked you to be on the show! "Wow! That cake is awesome!" you hear from above, Zayn's voice sounding impressed. Niall shoots you a knowing look and then gives you the signal. "BOO!" you both shout, jumping out from beneath the table and tossing the cake in the Bradford boy's face. Zayn lets out a surprised yelp and then starts laughing, wiping frosting from his eyes. "Looks like we got him," Niall says, giving you a high-five. (That part was scripted, courtesy of Nickelodean, oops). "Rude!" Zayn exclaims, grabbing a handful of frosting and rubbing it on Niall's shoulder and smearing a stripe on your cheek. "Gotcha!" you laugh, waving to the camera. "CUT!" the director shouts, nodding his head. "Christ! You guys actually got me, I was not expecting to be caked in the face," Zayn admits, grabbing a towel from a crew member and dabbing his jaw.
Harry: "Make sure you get this on video, okay Louis?" Harry looks over at Louis and the older boy nods, holding up his phone at the door. "You got it, Curly," Louis replies, giving you a wink. You and Harry both grab a giant cupcake from the tray and wait for Liam to walk into his surprise party. Danielle had gone to get him and she claimed she'd left her purse here last night. Your phone buzzes and it's a new message from Danielle--"on our way! be there in four! hehe xx Dani :)". Perfect. Suddenly, the door to the venue opens and Liam steps inside. "SURPRISE!" you scream, joining the voices of all his family and friends. You and Harry both reach over and smush a cupcake onto both of Liam's cheeks, causing him to gasp in surprise. "This is amazing!" Liam exclaims with a laugh, pulling you and Harry into a hug. "Danielle's idea, we just helped," Harry smiles, swiping some frosting from Liam's cheek with his thumb and licking it off. "Well, thank you," Liam nods, rubbing some of the cake from his cheek with a napkin. "And thank you for the cupcakes to the face, (Y/N) and Harry," he jokes, sticking out his tongue to the camera which Louis still has in his palms.
[requested...er...what am i even doing with life wow this is the strangest preference so far i'd say...]
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