1D Preferences #394: You're one of the boys' sisters and he teases you for liking his bandmate...

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Liam: "Someone left their diary on their bed," Louis sings, dangling the tiny green book from his fingertips with a mischievous smile. Crap. " Give that back, ass hole!" you whine, jumping up and trying to grab it. Not only was he older, he was also taller. "Nice language! Mum would not approve!" he laughs, holding the book just out of your reach. "Ugh! I hate you!" you growl, crossing your arms in defeat. "You may hate me but you loooove Liam," he sings, flipping to a page in your diary. Crap. "Do not! I didn't write that!" you protest lamely, your cheeks turning pink. "I'm guessing you also didn't write about your 'huge crush on Liam Payne' and how 'deep and chocolatey his eyes are' either?" Louis raises an eyebrow and shakes his head with an amused expression. "Who would've thought Miss Bratty would fall for Mr. Sensible?" He hands you back the diary, which you snatch from his hands and give him a swift kick in the balls. "Ah! My gems!" he winces, bending over in pain. "Now I'm going to tell Liam you loooove him!" You look at Louis in horror and the older boy laughs, shaking his head. "Nah, I won't do that. But I should!" he says after a moment, shooting you a warning glare. "You better not tell him," you threaten, giving him your serious-business expression. "As long as you don't kick me in the nuts, secret's safe with me," he says seriously, a playful smile across his face.
Harry: "His curls got you, you fell for his curls!" Liam exclaims, peering over your shoulder and noticing your phone background. A picture of Harry. "Nuh-uh! I just like this picture is all," you say lamely, shielding the phone from his view. "(Y/N), I'm your big brother and I know you. You've fallen for the curly-haired member of One Direction," he sings, plopping down on the couch next to you. "Ugh, fine, I guess I did," you frown, your cheeks turning light pink. "Aw! Do you want to run your fingers through his curly hair? It's really soft," he teases, poking your side. "Shut up!" you say, biting back a smile at the thought of running your fingers through the green-eyed boy's curly hair. "You're blushing so much! Aha!" Liam exclaims, clearly amused. "You better not tell Harry, I swear," you warn, raising an eyebrow. "I won't. Maybe I'll set you two up secretly..." he trails off, lost in thought. No way! Last time Liam had set up your other sister Ruth with Andy, things had ended in a disaster. "Liam. Don't get involved," you say firmly, but offering a small smile. He means well, he always does. "Right," he sighs, giving you a wink. "I'll only get involved if he breaks your heart, then I'll have to break his face."
Zayn: "Let me see! Let me see!" Harry whines, reaching for your phone. After getting a sweet message from Zayn wishing you luck on your exams that afternoon your face had broken into a huge grin and the smile hadn't washed from your face. "Fuck off!" you reply, not losing your smile as you hold the phone out of Harry's reach. "Then tell me why you're smiling so much!" he exclaims with frustration, crossing his arms. "You're not...sexting are you? Ew, please tell me you aren't." He grimaces at the thought of his sister doing such a thing and you shake your head in horror. "Jeez, Harry! What do I look like? No, I'm not sexting!" you exclaim, bursting into laughter. "Right. Then, please tell me? Pretty please?" he pleads, giving you the puppy dog face you'd given into since you were both young. "Fine! Swear you won't tell though?" you sigh, hoping this isn't a decision you'll regret later. "Cross my heart an hope to fry," he smiles, using the phrase you two had been using since you were small, you two always thought it was 'fry' and not 'die'. It's become a cute kind of sibling promise since. "Well, I kind of have a little tiny crush on..." you trail off and mumble Zayn's name, averting your eyes from Harry's gaze. "Crush on who?" Harry pursues, his eyes lit up with the possibility of a juicy secret. "Zayn," you say simply, biting your lip. Harry frowns and swallows thickly, drumming his fingers along the couch. "What?" you ask, wondering why he seems so, well, upset. "Nothing, I just wished you'd fallen for Liam or Louis instead. Zayn's quite the heartbreaker and I don't want you getting hurt," he says honestly, offering a small smile. "I won't get hurt, I promise," you assure him, wrapping your brother in a hug. "Good. You two would be kind of good together, you're just as pretty as he is," he teases, turning the sentimental sibling moment into a teasing session. "Bite me!" you laugh, chucking a pillow at his head.
Niall: "So, I was watching your twitcam the other day," Zayn says casually, grabbing a bottle of orange juice from the fridge. "Were you? You should've said something instead of creeping," you tell your brother, looking up from your cereal with a raised eyebrow. "Well, I wanted to see what you said when you assumed your parents and big brother weren't watching," he says with an expression that made you freeze. What exactly had you said? One thing hovers to the top of your mind. The question had been 'Who do you have a crush on in 1D?' to which you'd answered with a very enthusiastic and dreamy 'Niall Horan, he's so fine and sweet and a hot Irish piece of ass'. "See anything interesting?" you ask casually, hoping maybe he'd missed that part. "Well, I found out you've got your eyes on a 'hot Irish piece of ass'," he laughs, causing you to blush. "Um," you look back at your cereal and feel your cheeks growing hotter at each passing second. "Look, I get you've got some schoolgirl crush on my mate," he sighs, leaning back on the kitchen counter and frowning. "But seriously, you shouldn't like date him or anything. You shouldn't date anyone yet, you're too young." You don't bother pointing out you're old enough to be dating--he was very protective of his litte sister, and it was annoying but sweet. "Yeah, okay," you nod, although fully intending on ignoring his little speech. "So, anyway. How else did you describe Niall aside from hot Irish piece of ass? 'So fine'?" Zayn teases, bursting into a fit of laughter. Definitely not a wise move to reveal all your thoughts on twitcam. Whoops. "I'm blocking you on twitter so you can't see my twitcams and stuff anymore!" you warn, lobbing a spoonful of cereal at his chest. "Ew! Stop!" he winces, dodging each soggy cereal bit with laughter.
Louis: Going on long car rides with your brother Niall almost always ended with laughing to the point of not being able to breathe. He was definitely the funnest older brother there was, the only person who could make you laugh and smile even on your worst days...aside from Louis that is. "So, who's the nicest person you know?" Niall asks, keeping his hands on the steering wheel and turning to you in the passenger seat. You pop a gummy worm in your mouth and pass one to Niall before answering. "Liam, definitely. Really nice. How about you?" you counter, searching around the gummy worm bag for your favorite flavor. "Probably Liam, too," he smiles, reaching out and grabbing another gummy candy. "Who's the funniest person you know?" he inquires, raising an eyebrow and turning your way. "Louis," you blurt out suddenly, then quickly cover your mouth. "What? I thought it was me!" Niall frowns, pretending to be extremely hurt. "No! I just, I mean, um," you mumble, an image of Louis entering your mind and causing you to blush. "You're blushing! You like him! You liiike him!" Niall sings, finding amusement in your embarrassment. "Do not!" you lie, crossing your arms. "Do too! You like Louis! You want his carrot!" he laughs, amused at his own jokes. "Shut up or I'm going to strangle you with gummy worms!" you counter, elbowing him in the ribs. "Ow! Vicious one," he mumbles, shaking his head. "Fine. I'll shut up...for now!"
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