1D Preferences #392: One of the other boys find a dirty picture of you...

Liam: "Where did you put my passport?" Niall sleepily rolls off of the couch in Liam's flat and ruffles his hair. After having a bit too much to drink last night, Liam had chauffeured Niall back to his flat and made sure he was safely tucked in on the sofa. "Well last night you were using it to slap Harry's ass," Liam calls out from the kitchen, eliciting a laugh from the blonde as he tries (and fails) to recall the memory. "So it's in the pocket of my red hoodie." Niall sleepily makes his way over to where the red fabric is lying on the table and digs around in the pockets, extracting not only his passport but a rather suggestive photo of you. "Liam! I knew you weren't as innocent as everyone thought you were!" Niall laughs, waving the picture in the air. Liam's cheeks turn pink and he quickly snatches the photo back and tucks it away in his pocket. "Tell no one or I'll tell everyone how you tried to make out with Zayn last night," Liam says sternly, shooting the blonde a warning look. "You got it," Niall replies with a horrified expression. He really needs to control his drinking...
Harry: "Can I make a quick call? Phone's dead," Liam waves his now-dead Blackberry for emphasis and turns to the curly-haired boy hopefully. "You need to start charging your phone," Harry sighs, shaking his head and passing Liam his cell. "I know, I know. I can't find my charger though, I think Louis' has it," Liam replies with a shrug. He begins to dial, but a notification about a message from you appears on the screen. "Harry, you've got a message from (Y/N)," Liam calls out, handing Harry the phone back. "Oh, can you open it and see what she said?" the curly-haired boy says, keeping his eyed glued to the football game on the television. With a nod, Liam opens the message and abruptly drops the phone with a gasp. "Oh! Um, Harry, I think you'll want to, um, see the message for yourself..." Liam mumbles, his cheeks turning bright pink. "I'll just go borrow Zayn's phone..." With a confused look, Harry picks up his phone and his eyes widen at the picture message. A rather scandalous picture of you with an equally scandalous caption...looks like Liam won't be able to look you in the eye for a while...
Zayn: "Jesus! How do you have 500 pictures saved on your phone?" Zayn exclaims, watching over the Doncaster boy's shoulder. Louis scrolls through them and shrugs, turning to face Zayn. "I just like saving all the pictures, I dunno." Zayn raises an eyebrow and reaches for the older boy's phone with curiosity. "Let me look through them?" he asks. Louis reluctantly hands Zayn the phone and snatches Zayn's Blackberry from his pocket. "Hey!" Louis shrugs and unlocks the phone, opening up the pictures file. "If you're looking through my photos I'm lookin' through yours, too," he replies simply, beginning to scroll. "Christ!" Louis exclaims a few minutes later, his blue eyes locked on the screen with awe. "What?" Zayn asks with confusion, leaning over and peering at the phone. He's greeted with a picture of you in a rather skimpy set of lingerie and he quickly snatches his phone away from the blonde. "I don't quite know what to say to that," Louis says with a shocked, smug expression. "Then don't say anything at all and pretend this never happened," Zayn smiles, pressing Louis' phone back in his hands.
Louis: "You need to clean up your room, it's a mess!" Harry groans, sidestepping a pair of discarded TOMs. "I don't want to, I've got no problem with it," Louis says stubbornly, reclining on the sofa of he and Harry's shared flat. "Well, I do!" a frustrated Harry exclaims, tossing a gum wrapper in the bin. "Then clean it," the older boy sniffs, rolling his eyes. "Fine! I will, then," the Cheshire boy replies with deterimination, grabbing a roll of paper towels and stepping further into the disaster Louis' calls his bedroom. Louis looks over from the edge of the couch, clearly surprised. Hm. Harry tackles the desk first, placing things in their proper drawers and tossing a few wrappers and crumpled papers in the trash. He finds the cleaning surprisingly calming and normal, a feeling he doesn't find too often. He opens up the bottom desk drawer to toss in a box of paperclips but his eye catches a thick manila envelope and curiosity gets the best of him. Quietly, he slides the envelope out and opens it, causing a large, glossy photo of you in a bubble bath with your lips painted red to fall out. Harry takes a moment to look over the picture, a small smile forming on his lips. "Hey Lou, look what I found!" the younger boy chirps, showing Louis' the pictures. Louis bites his lip and shakes his head, snatching the pictures from Harry's hand. "Agh. Don't tell her you saw those," Louis says quickly, stuffing the photos back in the envelope. "Only if you clean your room," Harry sings smugly, giving Louis a look of victory. "Fine," Louis sighs, picking a pair of trousers from the floor.
Niall: "Can I borrow your laptop for a sec? I need to check my e-mail," Zayn sleepily peers over his bunk on the tour bus at the blonde and Niall nods, handing his laptop up to Zayn. "Sure, just be quick, I was doing a follow spree," Niall yawns, climbing out of bed and rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Zayn nods and goes to open a new tab on the internet when Niall's currently open tabs catch his eye. "Twitter, FIFA updates and...Sexy_12.jpg" Curiosity getting the best of him, Zayn clicks on the last tab and his eyes widen in surprise. A rather scandalous picture of you appears on screen, causing him to involuntarily gasp. "What?" Niall asks suspiciously, noticing the boy's surprised expression. Niall suddenly realizes the tab he'd left open and his cheeks redden as he snatches the laptop away from the Bradford boy and slams it shut. "Um, oops," he says sheepishly, lifting the laptop over his head. "Well, I'll just check my e-mail on Liam's laptop or something, no big deal," Zayn replies, giving the blonde a reassuring smile. He'd try to make this as un-awkward as possible, he wasn't fond of awkward situations. "Right," Niall says slowly, his cheeks still adorably red. "You won't tell--" Zayn shakes his head and hops down from his bunk. "My lips are sealed."
[side note: don't ever send dirty pictures of yourself, because one time this girl in my school did and they ended up on the news all around america and she got suspended, o no!]
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