1D Preferences #379: He helps you clean your room...

Niall: You knew that letting Niall help you clean your room was a bad idea. He was so easily distracted by every little thing! He certainly made the task more fun, but he made the task take way longer than it had to be. "Ooh! These are really shiny," he muses, grabbing a stack of silver bracelets from the floor and holding them up. "Yeah, they are," you smile at his amusement in something so simple and go back to dusting your furniture. "Ooh! These socks have owls on them!" he tosses the pair of socks into your sock drawer and goes back to gradually straightening up the room. "Remember when we took these?" you say suddenly, picking up a photobooth strip from the floor. He smiles when he sees the familiar strip of photos, giving you a nod. "Liam's birthday party. That photo booth was freaking awesome," he replies, lifting up a stuffed pig from the floor and tossing it in the air. "Aw, you kept it! You kept the pig I won for you from the carnival last year." He seems genuinely pleased, his blue eyes lighting up from the memory. "Of course I did, Niall. I keep everything you get me and all the pictures and stuff we take together," you tell him, tossing a pair of boots in your closet.
Harry: "Rainbow order?" Harry asks, running his hand over the hangers in your closet. "Rainbow order," you confirm, grabbing a hoodie from your floor and tossing it into a laundry basket. After a lot of asking, Harry had decided to help you clean your room. You put him on closet duty, your dresses and coats and shirts were all mixed up and had no order at all! "My closet is nearly the opposite of yours," he says in disbelief, hanging a red dress back up on a hanger. "I'm sure! You probably just have a ton of white T-shirts and that one gray one I like with the heart on it," you tease, stacking a pile of books on your desk. He laughs and shakes his head, nodding at the white shirt he's currently donning. "Yep, you got me."
Louis: "Your room looks like you should be on hoarders or a post-hurricane show," Louis says, taking in the disaster you call your room. You laugh and step over a pile of papers, picking up a dress from the floor. "You're one to talk, Lou! Your room looks like it was trampled my elephants and ransacked by hobos," you retort, tossing a gum wrapper in the trash. "Accurate," he laughs, picking up a pillow from the floor and tossing it on your bed. "How about after we clean your room, we clean mine?" he offers, neatly stacking a bunch of CDs. "Sounds like a plan," you agree, wincing as you step on something sharp. So that's where your other earring went...
Liam: "I thought you were a neat freak!" Liam exclaims, looking at the mess of your room wide-eyed. "I am. I just got...busy," you explain, picking a pen off the floor and placing it in the cup on your desk. "Right," he nods, picking a magazine from the floor and placing it on your nightstand. "Thanks for helping me clean, though," you smile, straightening out your bookshelf. "Anything for you," he replies, heading to your iPod dock. "Want to listen to music while we clean? It'll be more fun." You nod and he clicks around on your iPod until he finds the song he's looking for. You laugh as he hits play and a familiar LMFAO tune starts playing. "Oh God," you laugh, watching him start to do crazy dance moves while putting your bracelets back in their box. You start dancing with him, the two of you having more fun than it's probably normal to be having while cleaning, anything with Liam is more fun.
Zayn: "I can't find my other rose earring," you frown, leading Zayn into your room. He looks around at the clothes and books strewn around and raises an eyebrow. "I'm surprised you can find anything in here," he muses, stepping around a lone ballet flat. "It's organized chaos," you shrug, digging through a pile of jeans, searching for the other earring. "How about we straighten up while we look? Kill two birds with one stone," he suggests, sorting through a pile of flip-flops. "Fine, but I'm just going to end up messing it up again sooner or later," you decide, neatly folding a pair of khakis. After a few moments of searching and cleaning, you hear Zayn whistle and turn around quickly. "Sexy," he grins, holding up a lacy red bra. "Ah! I was totally looking for that," you snatch it from his hand and toss it in a drawer. "I wonder what other lovely things you've got lying in the deep depths of your floor," he teases, lifting a slightly crumpled One Direction poster from the carpet. Oops.
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