1D preference #354: A guy 1D fan makes innapropriate comments to you...

Zayn: "Ha! Called it! I knew she'd have a nice ass!" a boy wearing a '1D' bracelet snatches a five dollar bill from his friend victoriously. "Well, this whole bet was dumb! It's Zayn freaking Malik's girlfriend! Of course he'd get a chick with a nice ass!" the other boy replies with a sigh. "Excuse me, but I can hear you," you turn around and shoot the boys slightly amused, slightly annoyed and slightly flattered look. "Oooh, looks like she's been blessed in the boobage department as well," the blonde one purrs, shooting a not-so-discreet look to your chest. "Ay!" Zayn returns holding two hot chocolates and goes to scold the boys for being so rude to you and checking you out so blatantly, but they start to fangirl when they see him, and he knows he shouldn't be rude to a fan so he just gives a small smile. But, he refuses to take pictures with the boys (take that!) and will only give an autograph and a hug.
Liam: "Nice badonkadonk," a boy directioner whistles at you as you and Liam make your way through the streets of New York, being surrounded by a crowd of fans. "You've got junk in your trunk, I love me a girl with junk in the trunk," he whistles, causing you to blush and bite back a laugh. Liam, however, doesn't find this amusing at all. "Excuse me, but that's really rude," he turns around, his hand still in yours and frowns at the boy who must be around sixteen. "Liam Payne just got angry at me! Ah! He DOES get angry! I'm tweeting this!" the boy says quickly, clapping his hands. Liam looks at the boy like he's an absolute nutter, then looks at you with concern. "Um, sorry about that?" he offers, the two of you walking away from the boy (who is now typing away on his cell and dancing happily). You laugh, lightening the mood and shrug. "Nah, it's cool. I thought it was pretty funny."
Harry: "Styles! Your girlfriend has a rockin' body!" a boy wearing a grunge-style 1D shirt whoops, giving a wolf whistle. "I know!" Harry replies with a laugh, pulling you close and kissing your cheek. You roll your eyes and shrug, keeping his arm around your waist as the two of you head towards Lou's house to babysit Baby Lux. "I want to lick her up and down!" the same boy calls out, giving you a kissy face. You raise your eyebrows in shock and shake your head with slight disgust. How old was this kid? Seriously? "Sorry, mate, that's my job," Harry replies with a cheeky eyebrow waggle, holding the door for you as Lou lets you both inside. "What a pig," Harry mumbles once the boy is out of earshot. "Good thing he's a 'fan' or I might've punched him or said some rather insulting words." You give Harry a small smile and greet Lou with a hug as Harry picks Lux up in his arms.
Louis: "Damn, girl! Your ass is as big as Louis'!" a fan shouts, giving you a thumbs up. "Ha! She wishes!" Louis jokes lightly, catching a glimpse of the boy's 1D tank top showing off toned arms. "Oh, no, her ass is definitely more firm and juicy, I'd take it," the boy says, waggling his eyebrows at you. You quickly turn around and put your hand on your hip with annoyance. "Excuse me, but my girlfriend's ass is not some kind of fruit you're going shopping for," Louis snaps, giving his signature bitch-mode face. "And you are very rude, and I do not appreciate it." He pulls you closer to him protectively and gives the boy an eye roll before turning on his heel, the two of you moving away in sync.
Niall: "Nice boobs!" a group of boys chorus, forming a small group outside the recording studio door. "Er, thanks," you say shyly, tugging at the neckline of your shirt. "Niall! You got yourself a fine piece of woman!" a boy with ginger colored hair tells the blonde, nodding at you appreciatively. His cheeks turn pink and he puts his hand on your shoulder protectively. "I do. She's lovely inside and out," he replies with a small smile. "Ooh, you should take off that shirt," another boy whistles, nodding towards you. "Oi! C'mon boys, leave my girl alone," he says firmly, giving you a concerned look. You shrug, not really bothered by the comments. It was kind of really hot seeing Niall get defensive of you ;) "A'ight," one of the boys sigh. "But can we get a picture with you? Love your music." Niall nods, taking a quick photo with the group (and you politely decline to be in a photo with them) before turning back to you and shaking his head. "Animals," he murmurs.
[note: this one made me laugh really hard for some reason xD]
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