1D Preference #335: The boys read you and his dirty text messages...

[note: it's not rated M or anything, it's not really dirty/sexual haha xx]
Liam: "Li! Your phone is going off!" Harry calls out, glancing over at the older boy's phone. Liam was in the shower and Harry was just relaxing and watching TV in the living room. "Oh, it might be (Y/N). Can you see what she wants? It might be important," Liam calls out over the sound of the water. Harry curiously snatches Liam's phone from the table and decides if he's going to check the message--why not read some more? The message that had initially made the phone go off was "Li--Gonna be a little late for dinner, love you babe (: xx" But, Harry decided he'd scroll through you and Liam's older messages. I mean, can you blame him? The younger boy is so caught up in reading the messages, he doesn't notice Liam wrapped in a towel running up to him and snatching his phone back. "Harry! Don't look through my messages!" Liam scolds, blushing slightly. "What did you see?" Harry raises an eyebrow and flashes a cheeky grin. "I got up to 'Liam, I'm not kidding I think we really broke the bed last night' with a winky face and I can safely say I'm scarred for life," the green-eyed boy grins, shaking his head. "Daddy Direction getting down and dirty is not a mental image I need." Liam's cheek flush and he pledges to lock his phone with a pass code from now on.
Harry: "Harry left his phone here," Niall notices, picking up the blackberry and tossing it to Louis. "Let's fuck with his contacts," Louis snickers, scrolling through them. "No! Read his messages, that's more interesting," the blonde pursues, leaning on the older boy's shoulder, the two poring over the cell phone. "We're so invading his privacy, we shouldn't do this," Louis says, turning away from the screen. Pause. Laughter. "Ha! Naw, just kidding, let's see what Curly's got going on in his cellular device," Louis laughs, opening his messages. "Ooh, looks like (Y/N) sent him a new message," Niall sing-songs, pointing to the flickering icon on the screen. "Ew, EW," Louis shrieks, his eyes flickering over the words quickly before tossing the phone aside. He saw a few choice words and that was enough. "Okay, so I'm guessing they're into sexting," Niall muses, raising his eyebrows. "I'm totally not surprised, but I think I'm done with that. How about we do some prank calls instead," Louis says finally. "Hey! I think I left my phone here--" Harry says a few moments later, peering into the dressing room. "You're a naughty boy, Curly," Louis teases, holding up the phone. "You're just jealous," Harry laughs, knowing his friend had obviously seen some messages in particular.
Louis: "I'll take a dare," Louis says boldly, crossing his arms. It was right before a show and the boys were all chilling backstage, playing a game of Truth or Dare. "Okay. I dare you to let us go through your text messages to (Y/N)," Zayn says, the other boys whooping. "You're always texting her! We want to know what you're saying!" Harry adds. Louis pulls his phone from his pocket and bites his lip. There are some...interesting messages, but he's totally not one to back down on a dare. He reluctantly tosses the phone to Liam, deciding that he's most likely to not go through ALL the messages. He was wrong. "Oh, GOD, Lou!" Liam scrolls through some messages and shakes his head, laughing. Zayn snatches the phone from Liam and reads some of the messages. "Lou! Damn! You slut, teach me your ways," Zayn laughs, raising an eyebrow. "Now, give me my phone back! Don't tell (Y/N) I let you read these or I'm dead," Louis growls, grabbing his phone back and waggling his eyebrows.
Niall: "Look what I found in the kitchen," Louis sings, holding Niall's phone between his fingers tauntingly. "Lou! Gimmie that back!" Niall shouts, reaching for the phone. "Oh, no! This is payback for when you shaved a penis into my leg hair!" Louis snorts, jumping out of the younger boy's reach and opening his messages. "Ooh, Niall, you slutty Irish boy," Louis purrs jokingly, reading some of the messages. "Does (Y/N) really want your body so bad?" Niall's cheeks turn adorably red and Liam, hearing the commotion steps into the kitchen. "Liam! Lou stole my phone and won't give it BACK!" Niall growls, reaching for the phone futilely. "Louis!" Liam scolds, shooting the older boy a glare. "But, Liam, these texts are SO naughty, Nialler isn't as innocent as you think," Louis replies, giving the Irish boy his phone back. "Well, his texts to (Y/N) and (Y/N)'s texts to him are private," Liam says finally, his cheeks slightly pink. "Thanks, LIAM," Niall says, elbowing Lou playfully. "Now, Niall, better get back to (Y/N) she wants your body SO bad," the oldest boy teases, giving Niall a wink.
Zayn: "What are you always smiling and texting at your phone like that for?" Niall asks, glancing over at the tattooed boy, sitting casually on the couch and typing away on his Blackberry. Zayn doesn't even seem to hear the boy, he just smiles and types away. "Zaaaayn," Harry sings, peering over Zayn's shoulder. Zayn quickly shields his phone screen and shoots the green-eyed boy a glare. "What?" Harry laughs, knowing whatever Zayn's hiding must be good. Niall catches this, too, and shoots Harry a mischievous look. The Narry duo certainly loved causing trouble. "ZAYN! HELP!" Niall calls out, pretending to have a coughing fit. Zayn quickly looks over to the blonde as Harry snatches the phone from the older boy's hand. "HEY!" Zayn protests, reaching for the phone. "You two are dicks!" Niall and Harry high five each other and proceed to scroll through the messages. "I'll be (Y/N), you be Zayn!" Harry shouts, opening the messages. They both proceed to read out a ton of the messages, Niall using a super deep voice (which is supposed to be Zayn) and Harry using a super high girly voice (which is supposed to be you) until Zayn pins them both on the ground and gets his phone, although he did find the whole antic mildly entertaining, he hated when people didn't respect his privacy!
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