1D Preferences #333: Your teenage daughter goes on her first date...

Liam: "Emily, you look beautiful, but you're not wearing that," Liam says sternly, giving his daughter's outfit a once-over. "But Dad--," she protests,flipping her dark curls over her shoulder. "But nothing, I'm hesitant to even let you go ON a date with some lad, I'm not letting you go dressed like that," he sighs, raising his eyebrow. You shoot Emily a knowing look. Her outfit certainly isn't too appropriate--floral mini skirt, tank top and stilettos. "How about I help you pick an outfit? Maybe you can borrow a skirt from me....maybe one that's not so mini?" you offer, patting your daughter's shoulder. Liam shoots you a grateful look, he certainly doesn't want to make his daughter feel bad, but he's also very protective. "Fine," she sighs, following you back up stairs. The doorbell rings moments later and Liam answers, greeting the handsome young blonde with a smile. "I'm Brendon. Nice to meet you, Mr.Payne, Sir," the boy says nervously, shaking Liam's hand. "Nice to meet you, Brendon. Now, take good care of my daughter and make sure she's home by 11:30 on the dot," Liam informs the younger boy, as you and your daughter get an outfit together upstairs. "Now, I'm a nice guy, but if you screw around with my baby girl I will not be a nice guy anymore, all right?" Brendon nods, blue eyes wide. "Cool. So, tell me about yourself," Liam says, his sweet and endearing smile returning to his face.
Zayn: "I don't want to let her go on a date," Zayn grumbles, shaking his head at where Sierra is curling her hair nearby in preparation. "I know, Zayn, but she's seventeen and gorgeous and you knew this day would come," you soothe, resting your head on his shoulder. "But what if the guy is an ass hole or a player or...." he sighs. "Zayn, it's your daughter, trust her judgement," you reply. "Mommy! Can you curl the back of my hair? I can't see it!" Sierra calls out, waving the curling iron. "Sure, hon," you call back, then turn back to Zayn. "Now, don't scare the crap out of this boy, Zayn. Give him a fair chance." Zayn nods reluctantly, knowing he has to face the facts--his little girl is growing up. Twenty minutes and a burnt thumb (courtesy of the curling iron) later, Sierra's date rings the doorbell, holding a single red rose. "Mom! Dad! This is Hayden!" Sierra chirps happily, her hazel eyes lit up. Both you and Zayn shake the boys hand, Zayn shoots him a threatening glare and the boy looks up fearfully. "Zayn," you admonish quietly, raising an eyebrow. He lets out a sigh and gives the boy a small smile. "All right, then. Hayden, be good to her and if you break her heart I WILL break your face," he says simply, waving as the two teens retreat down the driveway to Hayden's pick-up truck. Sierra turns around and shakes her head at Zayn, but her face has a small smile. Although she'd never admit it, she loves that her dad cares about her so much--even if it could be annoying.
Niall: "Ay! Nice t'meet you, man!" Niall says happily, shaking Bridgette's date for the evening, Marcus' hand. "Nice to meet you, Mr.Horan," Marcus says nervously, playing with the sleeve of his polo. "Nice polo! I used to wear polos like it when I was your age! You can call me Niall," the blonde chirps happily. Bridgette peers downstairs, her hair half-finished. "Bridge, don't worry," you soothe, waving the curling iron. "Your dad won't do anything super embarrassing like show Marcus baby pictures, now let me finish your hair." Bridgette nods unsurely, but retreats back into her room where you continue curling her light brown locks. "So, Marcus. You a fan of soccer?" Niall asks casually, clicking on the TV. "Oh, man! I love FIFA," the younger boy says happily, suddenly more comfortable. The two talk about their favorite teams and players until Bridgette makes her grand entrance. "Wow! You look amazing," Marcus admires, taking her hand. "Thanks," she replies shyly, beaming ear to ear. "All right, you two have fun, but don't do anything stupid and be home by twelve," Niall says with a smile, but his voice completely serious. "Will do, Mr.Ho-I mean, Niall!" Marcus says honestly, giving the older lad a handshake. "Have fun!" you chirp, shutting the door behind them.
Harry: "Darcy, make sure you don't let him take advantage of you and don't stay out past curfew and...don't even let him touch you!" Harry tells his daughter, as she ties her shoes. "Dad," she sighs, rolling her emerald green eyes. "Harry, come on, give her a break. Trust her judgement," you tell him, kissing his cheek. He nods slowly, snaking his arm around your waist. "I know, I do. I do trust you, Darce," he says honestly. "It's just...boys are pigs." You and Darcy both shoot him a look. "'YOU'RE a boy," Darcy says skeptically. "Exactly So, as I was saying," he sighs. "Just be good, okay? Be home by 12:30." Darcy gives you both a hug as her phone buzzes, a text from her date. "Are you going to let us meet him, even?" you ask her, as she whips open the door, a red Chevy waiting at the end of the driveway. "Nope!" she chirps, waving and scampering away, her curls flowing behind her. "What if it's some guy with a ton of piercings and tattoos? Or a murderer? Or..." he shakes his head as the car pulls away, Darcy and her date inside. "Haz," you groan, leaning against his shoulder. "All right, all right. Just, that guy better not be an ass hole to my girl or I'll kill him!" he exclaims, shutting the door.
Louis: "So, it has come to my attention that you fancy my daughter Adrienne and would like to take her out to 'rendezvous'," Louis greets Nathan, your daughter's date for the night. Nathan raises an eyebrow and looks up at the blue-eyed man. "Now, I'll allow this to happen on one condition," Louis says, leaning against the door frame. "Dad!" Adrienne lets out a sigh and you bite back a laugh. "Nathan, can you name all five members of One Direction?" Louis inquires, in his best faux announcer voice. Nathan looks extremely confused, surprised and even a bit terrified. "Um...you, Sir," he mumbles, scratching his neck. "Harry, Liam, Niall and, um." Nathan looks over at Adrienne nervously and she shoots him an apologetic look. "I'm sorry, sir, I know there's one with tattoos but I don't know his name," he mumbles. "Ay, it's okay. Zayn. His name is Zayn, he's not important anyway," Louis jokes, patting the boy's shoulder. "Okay, good. Now you be good to Adrienne and be home by 11 or I'll call Zayn and tell him you don't even know who he is and have him kick your ass," the blue-eyed boy says teasingly, waving his daughter and her date off. Nathan gives a small laugh and gives you and Louis a friendly wave. "Got it, Sir. Have a nice night!" the younger boy chimes, holding the door open for your daughter. "I can't believe he forgot about Zayn! That's hiiilarious," you comment, letting out a laugh. "I can't believe he actually could name any of us lads!" Louis snickers, kissing your cheek.
[note: requested, a few people wanted more with teenage daughters, so :9]
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