1D Preferences #328: He's your best friend's brother and you two kiss...

Niall: "Get me a juice box, hoe," your friend snaps her fingers at you jokingly, lying next to you on her bed as you both pore over issues of Teen Vogue. "I'm not your slave, ass nugget," you reply, bopping her on the head with your magazine. She gives you her puppy dog look, her blue eyes wide. "Please don't let me die of dehydration in my own home," she says, wrapping you in a dramatic hug. "Okay, fine, but don't touch me," you sigh, messing up her hair before walking down stairs to her kitchen. Surprisingly, her brother is there as well. "Oh, hi (Y/N)!" Niall says casually, snatching a soda from the fridge. You'd known him for a long time, being best friends with his sister and all, but puberty had hit this boy like a fabulous train of unicorns and he was FINE. "You want something?" You nod, leaning against the edge of the counter. "Your sister ordered me to get her a juice box, she's precious," you laugh, catching the juice box he tosses over to you and shutting the refrigerator door. "I wonder how you're friends with her sometimes," he laughs. "I mean, you're so much more amazing than she is." You smile, blushing slightly and he takes a step closer, his blue eyes meeting yours. It feels like time is frozen, both of you holding each other's gaze. Suddenly, he leans in and presses his lips against yours. "WHOA! I told you to get me a juice box and you not only take 4434988 hours but you also do the tongue dance with my brother, um," your best friend walks in with a look of horror, causing you and Niall to pull apart quickly. "No, no, carry on, just let me get my beverage," she says quickly, grabbing the juice box from your hand and shooting you a suggestive wink. "So, um," you mumble, his face still dangerously close to yours. "Carry on?" With a laugh, he leans back towards you, continuing where you'd left off.
Liam: "Aww, sweetie, don't cry," your best friend wraps you in a hug and you lean back on her couch, sniffing. After you found out your dog had died, you'd come to her, knowing she's the best for cheering you up and making you feel better. "Now, wait here and I'll go get you some ice cream from the freezer and we'll eat till we're sick and watch movies, okay?" she soothes, patting your shoulder softly and heading to the kitchen, leaving you a crying mess on the couch. "Hey, are you all right?" her older brother Liam peers into the living room, his face filled with concern. "I heard about your dog. That's awful, I'm so sorry." You wipe a tear from your cheek and nod. You burst into another round of sobs and he walks over, wrapping you in a hug. He lets your tears soak through is maroon T-shirt and rubs your back soothingly. He suddenly reaches out and brushes a tear from your cheek, and you both freeze, surprised at the affectionate gesture. You don't pull away, and he brushes away another tear as it drips down your cheek, but this time he uses his lips. He kisses away a tear, then another, but his lips soon find yours and your hands are tangled in his hair. "I'll just leave this ice cream here...clearly Liam's doing a better job of cheering you up," your friend says quietly, leaving a carton of Coffee Bean ice cream on the table and tip-toeing away. He was doing way more than cheering you up, for sure ;)
Harry: "Can I borrow your-" you knock on your best friend's brother Harry's room and whip the door open, hoping to borrow his iPod speakers so you and her can listen to music on the porch. But you instantly freeze when you notice Harry's wearing nothing but a towel, his curls are damp and his chest is glistening with drops of water. "Borrow my what?" he asks cheekily, not even phased by you seeing him nearly naked. "Your, um, um," you mumble, your eyes not being able to move away from his abs. He takes a step closer to you and laughs, showing off his dimples. "Are you all right?" You are unable to speak as he places a gentle hand on your shoulder. "It's so cute how you do this thing when you're flustered, like you crinkle your nose a little and I've noticed it before but it's even cuter closer up," he purrs, running his hand across your cheek. "What..." you breathe. "Well, I noticed because you've been best friends with my sister for a million years and you basically live at my house, and you're kind of stunning..." he mumbles, pulling you closer to him and mumbling the last words against your lips. You start to kiss him back, but then you realize he's only wearing a towel. You pull back, your shirt slightly damp from the droplets of water that had been on his chest and blush. "We can totally continue this once you've got proper clothes on, I'm not a complete slut," you say, giving him a cheeky smile. "Did you get the speaker or what?" your best friend groans, peering into the room. She notices you basically on top of her half-naked brother and her eyes widen. "I knew it! I could feel the sexual tension. So, carry on..." she sings, shutting the door and shooting you a knowing look. Well, if she insists...
Zayn: "I don't get how you could have a crush on my BROTHER," your best friend winces and sets her empty soda can on the kitchen counter with exasperation. "Well, I hope you wouldn't, your his sister! But to every other girl, Zayn Malik is a walking piece of sex," you explain, taking a sip of your Coke. She looks over your shoulder wide-eyed and laughs. "Well, this is awkward. Have fun!" she pats your shoulder and scampers away, you turn around with confusion to see what she's talking about. Crap. Zayn himself is standing right behind you looking highly amused, his arms crossed and eyebrow raised. "Am I really a walking piece of sex?" he inquires, hoisting himself up onto the counter in front of you. "Um..." you mumble shyly, fiddling with the pop tab on the soda can. He reaches out and tilts your chin upwards, his hazel eyes staring right into yours. "Because if it's true, I'm glad. I happen to feel the same about you," he breathes, closing the distance between you two and pressing his lips against yours. "Called it!" your best friend sings, peering into the kitchen before running away laughing. Whatever, as long as she doesn't interrupt you two again ;)
Louis: "Come zip up my dress for me, bitchacho!" you call out, knocking on the bathroom door. You and your best friend were supposed to be getting ready for a party and she'd been in there for the past ten minutes doing her make-up. "Hold on, I have to re-apply my gloss, McNugget!" she calls out, you hold up your dress with a sigh, the back totally unzipped. "Um, I can zip it for you?" her blue-eyed brother pauses on the way to his room and gives you a once over. "Oh, um, sure, thanks," you mumble shyly. He stands behind you, he places one hand on your bare back and slowly zips up the dress, giving you the chills. "Thank you," you tell him, once the dress is all zipped and ready to go. He doesn't move away though, he just spins you around and gives you an extremely seductive look. Without another word, you lean forward and press your lips against his, he quickly returns the kiss, wrapping his arms around your waist. Suddenly, the bathroom door opens and you pull away slightly "Jesus! I don't zip your dress for you so you hook up with my brother instead?" your best friend rolls her eyes and shuts the door again, leaving you two entangled in the hallway. "Now, THAT'S a proper thank you. I should zip up your dress more often," he jokes, his breath tickling your cheeks. "You don't even need to zip up my dress next time," you reply cheekily.
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