1D Preferences #313: He's your brother's best friend and he kisses you...

Liam: "Damn it!" you silently curse yourself for being short and lean up on your tippy-toes, trying to reach the photo album that's on the top shelf of your closet. "You need help?" your brother's best friend Liam passes by your room and looks at you with concern. "A little," you admit, admiring the boy's muscular build as he steps into your room. "Can you get that photo box down for me, please?" you point to the floral box on the very top and he steps behind you, reaching up and grabbing the box with ease. "Sure thing. Here you go," he says softly, handing you the box. His hand brushes against yours as you take the box from him, but neither of you move. "Thank you," you murmur, your eyes staring right into his. Suddenly, you're both leaning closer and your lips meet his. "Liam, the game's about to sta-WHAT THE," your brother says suddenly, staring at the two of you in shock. "Oh! I'm sorry--this must be so awkward. She's your sister...I'm..um..." he looks terribly embarrassed. "Right. Uh, so, I'm gonna go watch the game. Feel free to join me when you're, uh, done..." your brother mumbles, staring at his best friend and sister, shaking his head and walking away. "I'm sorry," he apologizes, looking at you and running his fingers through his hair. "Why are you sorry?" "For kissing you, I shouldn't have..." "But I wanted you to." "You did?" he asks. "Yeah. Didn't you want to kiss me?" you ask, shyly, looking at your carpet. "Oh, of course I did! I've been wanting to since--" you cut him off by pulling him closer, kissing him once more.
Harry: "Are you okay? I heard you..." Harry says quietly, peering into your room. He'd been playing video games with your brother and your brother's room was right next door. Much to your disappointment, he must've heard you crying. You bury your face in your hands and lean back on your bed. "I'm not okay, please just leave me alone," you sniff, wishing you'd shut your door. "Hey, come on," he sighs, sitting down at the edge of your bed. "You can talk to me, you know? I've known you forever, I'm your brother's best friend but I'm your friend, too." You shake your head and keep your face hidden. "I know, but, I look like a mess and I'm all crying and snotty and disgusting and..." you croak. He cuts you off by scooting closer to you on the bed and prying your hands off your face softly. "I'm sorry, but that's bull shit. You even look pretty when you cry," he says honestly, wiping a tear from your cheek with his thumb. "Now, tell me what had brought you to tears," he says quietly, looking at you with genuine compassion. "I got in a fight with my best friend, it's no big deal," you sniff, not wanting to explain the whole drama. "I'm sorry," he breathes, pushing a strand of hair from your face. Without thinking, he leans in and kisses a tear from your cheek, but quickly pulls back. "Oh, I'm sorry, I--" he mumbles. You squeeze his hand. "Don't be, that was nice," you tell him, pulling his face closer to yours. Before you know it, you're both full-on making out on your bed (fully clothed) until you're interrupted by your brother's annoying voice. "Christ! I knew you liked her and I said you could ask her out--but I didn't mean you could...ugh," your brother sighs and shakes his head, heading back to his room. "Shall we continue?" you laugh. "Let's close the door first, yeah?"
Niall: "Cannonball!" Niall shouts, jumping into the pool, splashing everyone around him. You, your friend Grace and your brother had all decided to take advantage of the super hot weather by going for a swim. Bonus: your brother's friend Niall was super hot, seeing him shirtless was certainly worth going outside. "That was not a cannonball! That was more of a swan dive," you tease as he resurfaces, brushing a wet strand of hair from his forehead. He laughs and paddles closer to you. "You try doing a cannonball, then," he says, a flirty tone to his voice. "Hey, Grace? Will you come with me to get the other pool floats from the shed?" your brother says suddenly, him and Grace climbing out of the pool and scampering off to the shed. Weird. "You're on, Horan!" you shout, climbing out of the pool and getting ready to dive. He watches you with amusement as you run and do your best cannonball (let's be honest--it wasn't very good) into the cool blue water. You resurface and flip your hair out of your face. "That wasn't a cannonball," he teases, smiling. "Oh, then what was it?" you ask, swimming closer to him and raising an eyebrow. "I don't know exactly what kind of dive it was, but it was certainly not a cannonball," he remarks. "Hold still, you've got water droplets on your eyelashes," he says softly, leaning closer and brushing his finger across your lashes gently. "You've got soft eyelashes," he mumbles shyly, pulling his hand away. "I don't think anyone's ever said that to me before," you smile with a short laugh. "You have the perfect eyelashes for butterfly kisses," he adds, his eyes meeting yours. "Oh?" you breathe, leaning close and fluttering your eyelashes against his cheek. "I was right, you have the perfect eyelashes for butterfly kisses," he says slowly, placing his nose to your nose. "You've got the perfect lips for regular plain old kisses," you muse, just as his lips meet yours. You slide your hands through his damp hair and his hands rest on the small of your back. "Called it!" Grace squeals. "You owe me five bucks!" You hear your brother sigh and Grace laugh. "Fine! I'll give you the ten bucks. I was off by literally five minutes! If only they'd kissed sooner," your brother groans, him and Grace's voices getting further away as Niall moves closer.
Louis: "I literally can't even--" you manage to say through laughter, looking at the picture Louis' had left on your phone. "I leave my phone unattended--in my own home--and my brother's friend takes the dumbest picture of himself and makes it my background!" You wave your phone screen, showing a very silly looking Louis Tomlinson, in the air and Louis smiles. "Well, if I had known it would make you laugh this much I'd have done it more often," he chirps. "Oh? You like making me laugh?" you reply cheekily, grabbing a water bottle from the fridge. "Oh, but of course! I also like making you smile," he purrs, taking a step closer to you. "I also like making you surprised." You raise an eyebrow and set your water bottle on the counter. "Surpris-" you begin to ask, but you're cut off with his lips against yours. You automatically return the kiss, his hands tangling in your hair. After a moment, he pulls away but stays close, close enough that you can smell the peppermint on his breath. "Did you just do that to surprise me, 'cos it worked," you whisper, looking into his blue blue eyes. "Partially. I've been meaning to do that for a while though, and your brother is a bit of a cockblock," he chuckles, making you laugh as well. "Cockblock, am I?" your brother says suddenly, appearing in the doorway. Oops. "Well, I'll just leave my best friend and sister to shove their tongues down each other's throats, don't mind me," he says sarcastically, shaking his head and walking back to the living room. "So, where were we?" you murmur, running your hand across Louis' stubbley chin. "I think we were here," he smiles, leaning in and kissing you once more.
Zayn: "Shit!" you quickly drop the burning hot pan of cookies and grab your hand. Why hadn't you used an oven mitt?" (Y/N)--you okay?" Zayn, your brother's best friend since childhood quickly runs over and eyes you with concern. "Oh, I just burnt myself on the stupid tray," you explain, wincing as your hand burns with pain. "Oh, that sucks! Here," he quickly guides you over to the sink and puts cold water on, holding your hand gently beneath it. "Thank you," you say quietly, the pain in your hand getting less and less. "It's no problem, " Zayn replies shyly. "I don't like seeing you in pain." You raise an eyebrow and look at him curiously. "I mean--you're my best friend's sister, right?" he adds, your face falls. "That's why I really shouldn't do this, but I really want to, so I'm just going to..." He leans in and kisses you softly, then pulls away slowly, looking to see your reaction. You shut off the faucet and carefully dry your hand off of on a paper towel, Zayn watching you carefully. "Okay. Now, let's continue that," you breathe, leaning against the counter. "That's certainly making me forget about my burnt hand." He smiles and closes the space between you two, lips meeting yours. "Don't mind me, just getting a cookie and the I'm gone!" your brother shouts suddenly, grabbing a cookie from the tray and running out quickly, cheeks red. This must be awkward for him. Neither you nor Zayn even look up, you just continue doing what you'd both been wanting to do for a long, long time.
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