1D Preferences #284: You two get scolded by management...

Harry: "For Christ's sake!" the older man sighs, looking at both you and Harry warily. You raise an eyebrow and sneakily look over at Harry to which he responds with a grin. "What's the problem, Sir?" Harry questions, folding his hands on his knee. "Don't sass me Styles, you and (Y/N) both know why you've been called here," the man answers. "I've got no idea, Sir," you admonish, gasping for show and blinking innocently. "All right you two, cut out the whole act, let's cut to the chase," he rolls his eyes and leans back in his desk chair. "I'm sure you're both aware paparazzi are watching your ever move. But did you know they caught THIS gem? And did you know it's all over the internet and magazines?" He holds up the front page of one of London's most popular tabloids. 'HARRY AND (Y/N) JUST COULDN'T WAIT TILL THEY GOT HOME' it reads in bold, dark letters. It has a picture of you and Harry walking away from a public restroom, you're hair is messy as is Harrys and you're lipstick is smudged. Not to mention your shirt is buttoned incorrectly. And Harry's shirt is on backwards. You blush slightly and Harry bites his lip, not looking quite so sorry. "Oops," he shrugs. "Oops? OOPS?" the guy sighs and shakes his head. "Just, please don't let this happen again. We can't exactly cover this up well, it's blatantly obvious what went on behind that door."
Liam: "You were late for another interview, Liam," Bill, one of their managers looks at Liam and you from across the table warily. "Sorry, Bill. I was skyping with (Y/N) and I didn't want to-" Liam explains, looking genuinely sorry. "It's my fault, I told him not to-" you interject. Bill sighs and shakes his head, cracking a small smile. "Liam, although I'm less than pleased at how...tardy you've been to interviews lately, which is certainly not your usual Daddy Directioner self," Bill admits. "Which, I'd like to mention, is certainly not a positive image for you, or the band." Liam nods slowly. "I understand, I'll be on time, promise," Liam assures him. "Good. I'll keep you to that," the older man replies. "As for you, (Y/N), I'm a bit disappointed, and I know I'm certainly not your manager, but your business is my business because you're the girlfriend of one of my clients. Just try not to make him late for any events?" You nod. "Cross my heart, won't happen again," you promise. "Good. By the way, I'd just like to compliment you both for winning the hearts of fans. Star weekly voted you cutest couple. Good press."
Louis: "I'm extremely disappointed--although not surprised--at the two of you," Paul looks at you and Louis shaking his head. "But we just-" you begin. "We just wanted to-" Louis explains. "Save it. I really don't want to know the reasoning behind the two of you streaking nude through the hotel hallway," Paul rubs his temples and shuts his eyes. "All I know is the press is going nuts and this is really bad for your image, Louis. And yours, (Y/N). What will your parents think?" You and Louis look at each other sheepishly, slightly embarrassed. "Well, Harry dared us to do it," Louis offers as explanation. "Said we wouldn't have the guts to streak through the hallway," you add. "We didn't think there were any paps around," Louis counters. Paul shakes his head. "Ah, I should've known Harry was part of this. All right then. Anyway, you'll be relieved to know we paid the guy who took the photos not to spread them around," Paul says. "Thank GOD," you admit. "Dunno how I'd explain this to my folks." Paul nods slowly. "But that doesn't mean you two can pull any crazy shit like this again, all right?" You and Louis nod in unison, shooting each other cheeky grins. "All right."
Niall: "What is this?" A member of the managment team, Nathan, tosses down a few magazines, all opened up to specific pages. You and Niall stare down at them and laugh. Pictures of when you two got totally drunk and partied it up on New Year's Eve were splayed across them. "This is NOT funny," Nathan snaps. "Sorry," Niall laughs, pointing to a picture where he's got his drunk duck-face pose and you're pretending to lick his face. You snort, but then quickly wipe the smile from your face when you see Nathan clearly frustrated. "It was New Year's Eve, we were just having fun," you say softy. "It's legal," Niall adds sullenly. "It's LEGAL, but this looks terrible for the two of you. Especially you, Niall. The younger fans and their parents will not be pleased to see their idol shit-face drunk with his girlfriend," Nathan scolds. "Well excuse us for living our lives," Niall snaps, suddenly frustrated. You squeeze his hand and his face softens. "It's hard being photographed all the time, you know? We'll try to be...more careful, okay?" the blonde offers with a sheepish smile. "Whatever. Get out of my office," Nathan counters, shaking his head with a slightly understanding look to his wrinkled face.
Zayn: "I thought we were very specific about no more tattoos," Stanley, one of the boys most recent managers looks at you and Zayn, and then Zayn's wrist, where it's still red and proudly reveals his latest tattoo, of yours and his initials. "(Y/N), I know I'm not YOUR boss, but you're certainly not helping the cause," Stanley admonishes, glaring at your wrist where you've got an identical tattoo. "I wasn't aware you could limit how much ink I got on MY body, or hers," Zayn argues, jaw tensing. "I can't CONTROL it per-say," Stanley replies frustratedly. "But I think you've got enough tattoos that the make-up crew has to cover up for all of the younger crowd performances. You don't need to make their job more difficult. Your 'Bradford Bad Boi' image is good enough as it is now." You raise an eyebrow, shocked at how idiotic this is. "Excuse me, but that's bull shit," you quip with a sarcastic smile. Zayn looks at you with a smile and nods in agreement. "I can get any tattoo I want. If the younger fans don't like it, well, oops, that's too bad," Zayn shrugs and runs his hand over his freshly inked tattoo. "Plus, don't (Y/N) has nothing to do with me getting a tattoo, I WANTED to get it and so did she. It was my idea. So don't say she's 'not helping the cause'. I'm not a cause," Zayn snarls, getting out of his chair, you close behind.
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