1D Preferences #278: Two of the boys comfort you after a break up...

Louis & Harry: "Please smile?" Harry leans on your shoulder and looks at you with pleading eyes. "No. I'm never smiling again," you sniff, crossing your arms. "But you have to smile because if you don't, then I'll die because your smiles are like oxygen," Louis says dramatically, pretending to gasp for air. You can't help it- you start to smile, but quickly turn it into a frown. "Ha! I saw that you little sneak! You smiled!" Harry says, wrapping you in a bear hug and tickling your sides. "Stop! Stop!" you squeal through laughter as Louis join in, "Don't tickle me! I'm gonna shove a chainsaw up your asses!" you scream, trying to fight them off. They both stop and the three of you burst into laughter. "There's the feisty and fabulous (Y/N) we know and love," Louis grins, kissing your cheek. "You could shove a chainsaw up my ass any day, as long as it'd make you smile," Harry adds, kissing your other cheek. "How about we shove a chainsaw up my ex-boyfriend, a.k.a douche-bag,'s ass instead?" you offer, wrapping the two boys in a hug with a smile. "Sounds like a plan," Louis replies, grinning.
Liam & Zayn: "It's okay, (Y/N), Shh..." Liam says softly, stroking your hair. Your boyfriend of six months had just broken your heart when you'd found out he'd been cheating on you. You let your tears fall freely as you lie on the couch, your head on Liam's lap and the rest of you sprawled across Zayn. Your two best friends, who also doubled as comfort...(and very attractive pillows). "He was an ass hole," Zayn adds, handing you a tissue. "I'll kick his ass!" Zayn declares. Liam nods and adds, "I'll help you kick his ass." You smile a bit through your tears, admiring how protective and sweet the two could be for you. "No ass kicking is necessary," you sniff, sitting up and wrapping them both in a hug. "Just my two favorite guys being here for comfort is enough."
Niall & Josh: "(Y/N), will watching TV make you feel better? Niall asks, looking at your bloodshot eyes and frown with worry. "No," you reply flatly. "Will ice cream make you feel better?" Josh offers, shaking a carton of Rocky Road. "Nope." Niall gasps. "BUT, Food is the answer for everything." You don't even crack a smile at his joke. "Well, what WILL make you feel better?" Niall sighs and plops down next to you. "Nothing," you sniff. Your boyfriend had broken up with you two days ago and you were still moping around. "Please? We'll do ANYTHING to make you feel better," Josh says, wrapping his arm around your shoulders. "What if we make you a song?" Niall offers, humming a tune. "A song?" you look at him warily but don't reject his idea. Josh taps out a beat on the floor and Niall bobs his head and begins to sing. "(Y/N), stop being sad, cause it makes us feel bad," he sings. "And your ex-boyfriend must've been mad, for letting you go," Josh rhymes, singing awfully off-key. You crack a smile and shake your head. "Josh, your voice is hurting my ears." They both cheer. "Ay! She smiles!" You cover your smile with your sleeve and shake your head. "She smiles! She has a smile!" Niall sings cheerily. "Wow, haven't seen that for a while!" You hit his arm playfully and roll your eyes. "I'll smile again if you two dummies stop singing your stupid song," you tell them, hugging them tightly. "But, anyways, thanks for cheering me up. Dunno what'd I'd do without my boys."
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