1D Preferences #277: You two spend a fun summer night together...

Louis: You splash Louis playfully, swirling around in the dark water of the pool. The only light is from the stars and the street lights. The air smells like citronella and chlorine and the only sound is crickets and laughter. Perfect summer night. "Hey! You're going to get my hair wet!" Louis teases, although his hair is already soaked from hours of swimming. He swims behind you and wraps you in his arms, kissing your cheek. "I like night swimming," you say, leaning back onto his bare chest. "I like any kind of night activity that involves you," he replies with a smile, twirling a strand of your damp hair.
Niall: "Man down! Man down!" you shout, laughing as the marshmallow slides off your stick and into the small fire. Niall laughs and hands you a fresh marshmallow, laughing. "I think that's the seventh one you've lost or incinerated," Niall says, popping an untoasted marshmallow into his mouth. "I think the marshmallows are afraid of you." You laugh, and then laugh even harder as your latest marshmallow catches fire. "Ahh! My marshmallow likes the sequel to the Hunger Games," you joke, blowing out the flame. "Get it? Catching Fire?" Niall rolls his eyes and hands you a marshmallow he's already toasted. "You know I don't read!" he laughs. "You should stick to reading, I'll stick to the toasting of marshmallows." You laugh and give him a sticky sugary marshmallow kiss. "Because marshmallow toasting is obviously more important than reading, Niall."
Liam: "Got one! Got one!" Liam shouts excitedly, running over to you with a glass jar. He holds it up and you both stare in awe as a firefly flies around inside, lighting up. "It's so beautiful," you say, placing a hand on the glass. "Speaking of beautiful," Liam kisses your nose. "That was very cheesey," you reply with a laugh, jumping up to try and catch a firefly of your own. "Ahh! It's flying away!" you squeal, reaching up on your tippy-toes, swiping the air with your empty jar. "Here, I'll help you!" Liam says in a heroic voice, picking you up. You laugh as you finally capture the little bug and hold it up proudly, shaking the jar around. "I caught one! I caught one!" Liam smiles and holds his own jar besides yours. "Why isn't my firefly lighting up?" you tap the jar, but the creature doesn't move. "Um, babe, I think when you shook it around you killed it," Liam bites back a laugh and you snort. "Whoops..."
Harry: "I suck at this!" you laugh as Harry tosses you the Frisbee and it sails right past your arm. "You do!" he replies with a laugh. "Hey! You're supposed to say 'No, no, Kitten you're amazing, Frisbee is too mainstream anyway'," you joke, picking the Frisbee off the grass. "Oh, my apologies!" he says, placing his hand over his heart. "No, no Kitten you're amazing, Frisbee is too mainstream anyway," he recites. You laugh and bring your arm back, sending the disc his way. It soars through the air and hits him right in the chest and he falls to the ground dramatically. "Ah! Sorry!" you call, running over to him, your bare feet sliding across the grass. "But in reality, it's your fault for playing Frisbee with me in the first place!" You reach our hand out to help him up and he pulls you down next to him. "No, no Kitten you're amazing, Frisbee is too mainstream anyway," he repeats from before with a laugh. You pick the Frisbee off the grass and bonk him in the head. "You're an idiot," you tell him, sticking out your tongue. He shakes his head and takes the Frisbee, tossing it to the side as he pulls you closer and his lips meet yours.
Zayn: "I feel like a little kid!" you shout, running across the wet grass through the Sprinkler. It's dark and hot outside and both you and Zayn were soaked. Zayn laughs and stands under the Sprinkler, letting the water drip over his face. "But I can honestly say this is more fun that swimming," you add, walking up to him and messing his wet hair into a mohawk. "See? Having a boyfriend who can't swim leads to fun," he teases, starting to braid your damp mane. "I didn't know you could braid," you say, clearly impressed, the Sprinkler sending another stream of water across both of your faces. "Well, I had sisters," he replies with a laugh, spinning you back around once he's finished. "There's a lot you don't know about me." You shiver from a sudden gust of wind and Zayn wraps you in a hug, you lean your head against his bare chest. "Yeah? Like what?" He thinks for a moment, resting his arm over your shoulders. "Hm. One time I crashed my bike into a tree," he says. You laugh and nod. "Continue." He thinks again, both of you swaying in silence, continuing to be softly rained on by the shower of water from the Sprinkler. "I'm in love with this girl who happens to be really gorgeous and smart and amazing and I'm going to kiss her now." He tilts your face up and smiles, pressing his lips to yours.
[note: fnuesifsjg can all five of these happen in real life please please]
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