1D Preferences #255: The paparazzi scare your child...

Harry: "Shit," Harry sighs as he your daughter Darcy's tiny hand tightly. The paparazzi have found them both leaving the coffeehouse and there were tons of them. "Smile for the cameras, Darcy!" a tattooed guy with blue hair calls out, snapping away. Darcy's eyes widen at the man and she bursts into tears. Harry gathers her in his arms and looks at her apologetically. "Aw, Darce," Harry says softly, wiping the tears from her little face. "It's okay, Darce. Remember what I told you?" She nods softly. "You told me you will ever never ever never let anything bad happen to Darcy," she rattles off sniffing. "That's right!" he says, proud she remembered. "Now, don't cry, it'll be okay," he says softly, holding her tightly and quickly making his way through the paps to get to the car.
Zayn: "Ah, these bastards can't just leave us alone for ONE day?" Zayn angrily looks outside the hospital, pacing back and forth. You place your hand over his and nod with understanding and calm him down. "I know, Zayn," you say softly. Sierra had woken up with a very high fever and you'd both rushed her to the hospital, but paparazzi wasn't far behind. Sierra sniffs from your lap and coughs, then starts to cry. "Aw, Sierra, don't cry," Zayn says softly, ruffling her hair. "But I look bad, I don't want pictures," she chokes out, burying her head in the crook of your arm. "Hey! You look beautiful as always, don't ever say that," Zayn says softly, shaking his head and shooting another icy stare at the flashing cameras. "Even when you're sick, you're the prettiest little girl in the world," you add, kissing her warm forehead.
Niall: "Go away! Go away!" Braden, your five year old son shouts, growling at the paparazzi like a lion. The paparazzi laugh and 'Awww' at him and continue snapping away, inching closer. "Come here, bud," Niall puts his arm around the little guy and Braden starts to cry. "Why not they go away?" he sniffs, his blue eyes filled with tears. "Because, they are an insensitive pack of ASS HO-" Niall cuts himself off, wanting to censor himself in front of his easily influenced young boy. "Pack of poop heads!" Braden laughs and wraps his arms around Niall's leg. "Poop heads! Poop heads!" Braden smiles, the tears vanishing. Niall picks him up and carries him back to the car, both of them laughing and calling names to the paparazzi.
Liam: "It's okay, Emily, it's okay," Liam holds her tiny hand tightly as the two make their way through the crazy paparazzi and their cameras, trying to get back home. Emily sticks close to her father's side, frightened by the lights and people screaming her and her dad's name. "Emily! Liam! Emily! Look at the camera!" they shout, inching closer. Suddenly, a paparazzi reaches out and touches Emily's shoulder and she screams. Liam looks at the guy wielding the camera and pulls his daughter close. "Don't you DARE lay a HAND on my DAUGHTER," he says angrily, the veins in his neck very prominent. "You guys follow me and my family around all day, and I get that. I signed on for that when I signed on to being in a band," he rambles, stroking Emily's hair calmingly. "But if you think it's okay to scare the CRAP out of my little girl, you've got some serious issues," he shakes his head and gathers Emily in his arms, singing to her softly so she stops crying.
Louis: The paparazzi snap away at Louis and his son, Leo and Louis glares at them angrily. Why couldn't he just play a stupid game of football with his son without being harassed? "Daddy, I can't see, the lights are hurting my eyes," Leo squints and rubs his eyes, the flashing camera lights making him dizzy. "The lights look like alien space ships! They're gonna GET me!" Louis shakes his head at the people wielding cameras and sighs. "They hurt my eyes too, bud," He walks over and puts his arms around his son, taking off his sunglasses and sliding them on Leo's tiny face. "See? Now you look slick and the lights won't bother you," he says, patting the brunette's head. "Ha!" Leo poses and laughs, dancing at the cameras. "Can't get me now, aliens!" he pretends to shoot at them and Louis smiles, joining him in his alien game.
Josh: "Christ! Can you leave us alone?" Josh had been utterly surprised when a swarm of paparazzi showed up to where he was taking his son Daniel to get pizza. Daniel buries his face in his hands, not used to all the flashing lights and shouts of the paps. Josh puts his arm around Daniel gently and shakes his head. "Seriously? I know you guys harrass my boys in One Direction, and you can harass me all you'd like," he continues. "But my son is FOUR years old, you're going to make him blind with those damn cameras for Christ's sakes." The paparazzi don't even wince. "Tell us where Niall is and we'll leave you alone!" one shouts. Josh shakes his head. "Why? So you can mess with him and his family, too? C'mon Danny, let's go home and order pizza," Josh picks up his son and shields him from the cameras with his coat.
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