1D Preferences #253: He gets jealous of your ex...

Niall: As you stir the soup you'd been cooking, you start to mindlessly hum a tune. The tune just so happens to be the song your ex-boyfriend wrote for you. Niall looks up from his laptop at the kitchen table and raises an eyebrow. "Babe, what are you humming?" he asks with curiosity. "Hm?" you hadn't even noticed you'd been humming. "That song, it's catchy. What is it?" he asks again, head cocked to the side. "Oh, uh, this song..." you realize what you'd been humming and bite your lip. "My ex wrote it for me. It's been stuck in my head..." Niall raises his eyebrows and goes back to his laptop without further comment. But after dinner he calls you over, his guitar in hand. "I wrote you a song, it's even better than the one HE wrote you, I bet," he says proudly, beginning to strum.
Liam: "Whoa! Where did you learn to play like that?" Liam watches you, clearly impressed as you strum the strings on a guitar effortlessly. "Oh," you pause, hands hovering above the strings. "Garrett taught me." Garrett. Your ex. Liam's jaw tenses and he nods slowly. "Huh," he says, watching you resume your playing. "You know, I play some piano," he tells you. "I could...I could teach you how to play, if you want to, I mean." He scratches his neck and looks at you hopefully, wanting to be able to teach you something like your ex had. "That'd be awesome," you reply, setting your guitar aside. "Y'know, I've always liked guys who played piano," you add and his face lights up.
Zayn: "Truth," you reply, watching Louis with a raised eyebrow. You and the boys had decided to play a game of Truth or Dare and you absolutely didn't want to take a dare from Lou. His dares were pretty crazy. "Wimp!" he teases, pondering what to ask. "Hm. Who was your first kiss?" You feel Zayn's eyes watching you with curiosity and the other boys as well. "Oh, Nate Backwell," you say simply. "My first boyfriend." Zayn "Hmphs" and the other boys nod as if they know who this guy is. "Problem, Zayn?" you look over to where he looks slightly jealous and surprised at this information. "You know, I'm sure I wasn't your first kiss either," you add, rolling your eyes. "No, I know!" he replies, shrugging. "Just, Nate...I hate that guy..." You give Zayn a quick kiss. "Jealousy's more like it," you say. He rolls his eyes and nods. "I suppose, I just hate the thought you've kissed other guys, you're mine," he says softly, wrapping his arm around you. You don't bother to point out the fact that he's kisses other girls in the past, because jealous Zayn is a sexy Zayn....
Harry: "This is so exciting! Our first time visiting Venice!" Harry chirps, as the plane gets ready to land. "Actually, uh, I've been here before," you add lightly, not wanting to burst his bubble. "Oh?" he looks intrigued. "Who did you go with?" You bite your lip, not really wanting to bring it up. Harry takes your silence to mean your ex, Bradley. "Bradley, hm," his smile fades from his face and he looks out the window at the sky. "Harry..." you sigh and put your hand on his knee. "He might've been with me for my first time in Venice...but this time will be so much better. PLUS, you were with me my first time in Hawaii, Holland...." you list. Harry's face slowly regains it cheerfulness and he kisses his cheek. "You're right. At least now you'll know where you're going and we won't get lost, since you've been here before," he adds.
Louis: "I don't want to do this interview!" Louis crosses his arms as he sees who will be interviewing you and Lou, Hollywood's hottest couple of the moment. The interviewer, dressed in a blazer and slacks, Tate Woodley...your ex-boyfriend. "Lou! We have to do the interview!" you place your hand on his arm gently. "But I don't want HIM near you, in his fancy outfit and 'i'm so sexy aren't i' smile and..." he shakes his head and shoots an icy glare Tate's way. You bite back a laugh, seeing Louis jealous could be funny...and pretty sexy. "Lou, he's not just interviewing ME, he's interviewing US," you say comfortingly. "He'll see me with YOU and he'll see how happy I am and he'll think of how I was never this happy with him." Louis shrugs, but you can see he feels a bit better. "Plus, look at your schnazzy outfit and 'you are so sexy' smile and your stubble-y chin and your arms..." you smile and he laughs. "Fine, fine. But if he so much as looks at you the wrong way..." he balls his hand into a fist and you shake your head. "Got it, Lou," you nod as you're both announced onto stage to be interviewed.
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