1D Preferences #247: You're very drunk...

Harry: "Haaaaaarrrryyy," you shriek, wrapping your arms around him as you stumble. "Let's go to bed and have fun naked time!" Harry laughs and shakes his head, steadying you with his hands. "Babe, you're definitely a horny drunk," he says, leading you out of the club carefully. He was slightly buzzed, wanting to keep an eye on you as you downed shots like they were water. "Drunk? I'm not drunk, you're just so hot," you slur. "The CURLS. VOLUPTUOUS!" He laughs once again and lays you in the passenger seat, buckling your seatbelt. "OH, ROLEPLAY? YOU BE THE DRIVER, I'LL BE THE CAR SITTER-INNER!" you say, tugging the seatbelt with your hand, Harry gets in the driver's seat and shakes his head. "As much as I would like to take you up on that earlier 'fun naked time' offer," Harry says, driving towards home. "I'm not about to take advantage of a very drunk (Y/N). I find you highly amusing." You raise your eyebrows and stroke his hair as he drives. "Meowwww, hard to get," you say, laughing as if it's the funniest thing you've ever heard. You pull off your shirt and toss it out the car window, shouting with amusement. "TAKE IT OFF!" you shout, only wearing your bra and your jeans. "Let's get you home before you lose all the clothes," Harry says with a grin, picking you up and carrying you to your flat, but not before you manage to lose your skirt as well. Let's just say the next morning you woke up nearly naked beside a fully-clothed Harry, and you were very, very hungover.
Liam: "Oh, please be careful," Liam's face fills with worry as you stumble for the tenth time in the past five minutes. You'd had maybe one too many drinks, very unlike you. "Careful is my MIDDLE NAME!" you shout, gripping his arm to stay upright. "NO! Careful is my fourth name!" Liam looks at you with amusement. "Fourth name?" You nod in all seriousness and look at him like he's crazy. "YOUR fourth name is Margarita," you tell him, eying the nearby drink menu with interest. "My fourth name is Margarita," he repeats, leading you to the car as you hold onto him carefully. "Yes. Liam James Payne Margarita," you reply, leaning your head on his shoulder. "All right, my little drunkie," Liam says, laughing as he carefully sets you down in the car, buckling you in. "Where are we going Mr. Margarita?" you slur, leaning your head on the dashboard. "Home, Ms. Careful," he says, driving home carefully. You fall alseep on the way home and he carries you inside, tucking you in and making sure you're all right. The next morning you see his twitter name has been changed to Liam Margarita. When he explains why, you don't remember ever saying that, but you find it ridiculously funny and continue calling him Mr.Margarita for the rest of the week.
Niall: "SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!" You and Niall cheer, both of you taking another small glass and downing it, the alcohol quickly making your mind even fuzzier. "Ni Ni," you laugh, pulling him close. "Let's do a twitter camera video!" Niall laughs, doubling over and looking around the room at the small party in Harry's hotel room. "YES! What's that called?" he pauses and makes his signature drunken duck face and shrugs. "Let's go, princess," he slurs, wrapping his arm around you. The both of you sneak back into the hallway and head towards his hotel room. After trying the card-key in two rooms that weren't yours, you finally make it back to the correct room and plop down on the bed. "I got it!" Niall claps as he finally has a twitcam set up. You don't quite know how he did it, but you're way too drunk to ponder. "HI PEOPLE!" you shout to the camera. Niall waves and bursts into a fit of laughter. You two were certainly fun drunks. "It's HOT IN HERE, I'm ON FIRE!" you shout, jumping around spazz-tically and falling on the bed with a laugh. "HOT! HOT!" Niall laughs, pulling off his tank top. You pull off your own tank top and reveal your black polka dot bra. "HOT! HOT!" you repeat, laughing as Niall strips down to his boxers and does a dance. "HOT! HOT!" Niall laughs again, as you tug at your jeans. "AY! You two! Open up!" you hear Liam's voice as he knocks on the door. "No! Liam! We're on FIRE!" you shout, both you and Niall laughing to each other and watching the twitcam screen. "WHAT? SHIT! OPEN UP YOU TWO!" Liam pounds on the door harder and Niall stumbles over and opens it. "Kidding! Kiddddding!" he cheers. Liam notices you two's lack of clothes, then his eyes dart over to the twitcam. He quickly slams the laptop shut and tucks both of you into the bed. "Like two little kids," he says, laughing to himself.
Louis: "I love him so much," you sob, placing down your seventh empty glass of the night. Maybe too many drinks. Louis laughs at your drunken state, he's only had a few drinks and he's hardly buzzed. "Love who so much?" he asks, patting your shoulder. "I love YOU and I love you," you choke out, wiping tears from your eyes with exasperation. Clearly you were the emotional drunk. "I love you, too, babe. But why are you crying?" Louis bites back a laugh and rubs your shoulder gently. "Because I love you so much and because," you say as if it's an obvious answer. You sob onto his shirt and he shakes his head, picking you up in his arms. "No! Don't take me away from Louis! Louis! Help me!" you shout, clinging to his shirt. "What are you talking about, you little nutter? I am Louis," he laughs and kisses your tear-streaked cheek. "Liar!" you punch his arm lightly and then burst into tears again. "Louis, I love you," you choke. "Babe, I love you, remind me not to let you have so many drinks, okay?" he replies, carrying you back to the tour bus where you can sleep. "Remind me not to let you have so many drinks," you sniff. "I think YOU are the one who had so many drinks," he jokes, laying you down on his tour bunk and tucking you in. He turns to turn off the lights and you scream. "DON'T LEAVE ME! NO!" you grab his arm and he sits down next to you. "Okay, you little nut, I won't," he strokes your hair until you fall asleep. You wake up the next morning with a massive headache, mascara-tear stained cheeks and a lot of confusion.
Zayn: "I want a tattoo," you decide, your arm wrapped around Zayn as you two make your way down the street. "No, you don't," he replies, looking at the tattoo shop. You were totally drunk, he was only a little less drunk. "I do! I do! I want one of a blueberry," you decide, putting your hands on your hips and grabbing a nearby streetlamp as you stumble. "YES. Blueberry," Zayn nods, suddenly pleased with the idea. "Blueberry! Blueberry!" you cheer, grabbing for the door handle of the tattoo shop. But it looks like it's spinning. "Whoa! Whoa! Get back here door knob!" you laugh as you reach out at the air, grabbing for a door knob. "I gots it," Zayn laughs, opening the door easily. "Blueberry time," you sing, making your way to the front counter. "We want blueberry tattoos, right on our BUTT CHEEKS!" you slam your hand down on the counter and look at the guy with the pierced eyebrow and nod. The guy laughs and shakes his head. "Sorry, we don't tattoo drunks. Although your tattoo sounds intriguing," he says gently, dialing for a cab. "We're NOT drunk!" Zayn declares, steadying himself on the chair nearby. "Right. A cab's on its way, you two. Wait here." the guy says, shaking his head. "But I want a blueberry on my butt cheek," you pout. The guy at the counter sighs. "How about a temporary tattoo, then?" You nod happily and clap. "YES. Come on Zayn, we're getting blueberries," you motion for him to come over and the mohawked man rolls his eyes. The next morning you scream as you look in the mirror. "ZAYN! WHY IS THERE A BLUEBERRY TATTOO ON MY ASS?" you shout, horrified. Zayn shakes his head. "Dunno. There was one on mine, too. But they're not real. Came off in the shower. How drunk were we last night?"
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