1D Preferences #239: He's a guest judge for your X Factor audition...

Liam: "Hello, I'm (Y/N) and I'm going to be singing Cry Me A River," you say nervously, looking at the judges in front of you. You nearly drop the microphone when you realize Liam Payne is a guest judge, sitting at the table. You almost drop to the ground when you realize the song you're singing is HIS audition song. His face lights up when he hears you're singing the song and you gulp nervously and begin to sing. When you're done, Liam smiles brightly and claps. "Amazing! You remind me quite a bit of myself, but I think you're much more talented, love." he winks at you and you feel yourself blush. "I'd say you've definitely got what it takes. I'd really like to see you again on the X Factor stage...and maybe offstage as well."
Zayn: "Helloooo there beautiful," Zayn winks at you as you enter the stage, looking up from the clipboard in front of him on the judges table. "What's your name?" You reply with your name and look at the judges nervously, especially Zayn. "I'm going to be singing The A Team by Ed Sheeran," you say simply, smiling as the judges faces light up. They clearly like that song. "White lips, pale face...." you sing, then finish the song. They all applaud and Zayn smiles brightly. "Well, (Y/N). On looks alone, I'd have said to put you through the next round," he says cheekily, grinning. "BUT, you've got a stunning voice, so absolutely you should be in the next round."
Harry: "That was amazing!" he gushes, you hold the microphone and smile. You'd just belted out your rendition of a One Direction song and you were very pleased Harry himself loved it. "I think you deserve a pass to the next round!" he says. Then he adds in a whisper, "And a pass to my bedroom....". You laugh and he laughs with you. After the audition he pulls you aside. "Hey, what I said before...you've really got a bit of talent there. And you're lovely," he says. "And I hope I didn't offend you with my humor back there. I would like to get dinner or something, if that's all right with you...?"
Louis: "Gonna camp in my sleeping bag, I'm not gonna mo-ooove..." you finish, the music cutting off. You smile at the judges table, your eyes shift to a very happy Louis Tomlinson. He slams his hands on the table in shock and blinks a few times. "WHOA WHOA WHOA!" he says dramatically. "I thought (Y/N) was going to sing? That sounded like an angel!" he gushes. "AN ANGEL!" You blush furiously and mumble a thank-you. "Thank me? No! Thank YOU for letting me listen to that voice of yours!" he says, smiling. "Perhaps you could sing some more?" the producer glares at Louis and Louis bites his lip. "Maybe after the show, yeah?"
Niall: "So, Niall, what did you think of (Y/N)?" the judge next to Niall nudges him and he snaps out of his trance. You bite your lip nervously. You hope Niall liked your performance. He was just about your idol and you'd been so nervous and excited to find out he'd be a guest judge for your audition. "I, um....I..." he blushes and scratches his head, looking up at you with a smile. "To be honest, I wasn't quite listening...I was lost in those eyes of hers. Wow, those eyes..." he says softly, with a laugh. "Thank you," you say, pleasantly surprised. "Ay, but I say put her through, since I'm sure her voice is as lovely as she is," he adds, smiling.
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