1D Preferences #235: You two play Wii...

Liam: "Whoop! Whoop!" Liam cheers as he crossed the finish line, beating you in the fourth game of Mario Kart. You sigh and toss the controller to the side. "I'm terrible," you sigh, smiling faintly. "Aw, no you're not! I've just had lots of practice with this game, having done the commercial for it and all," he smiles, kissing your cheek. "All right, then let's play a game you haven't got practice with," you say, pulling a game from the shelf. "Oh, God..." Liam sighs and laughs when he sees what game you've pulled. Imagine Fashion Party, a game with runways and models and clothes. "C'mon Li," you persist, kissing his nose. "One game." He sighs and puts the game in the Wii. "One game," he agrees.
Niall: "Niall! You suck at this game!" you laugh as you watch your blonde haired boyfriend attempt at Cooking Mama on Wii. "I know! But the cartoon food looks real yummy and I'm HUNGRY," he says laughing. Jerking the wii remote like it's a sword. "Babe! You're supposed to STIR the dough, not stab it!" you laugh. He tosses the remote on the ground and looks over at you with a smile. "What's the point of this game? I'd rather make REAL food, cause then I can EAT it!" he says, raising an eyebrow. "Ugh, fine, let's go bake something," you agree, smiling as his face brightens. "Cookies? Can we make those good ones with the cinnamon and butter?"
Harry: "Harry, you're awful at this game," you laugh as you watch him try to beat your high score in Wii Sports, Golf. "But I kick ass in REAL golf," he replies, wiggling his butt before swinging the wii remote. The golf ball on screen lands really far from the hole and he sighs. "Damn it!" You laugh in amusement and he turns to you, sticking out his tongue. "Laugh now, but tomorrow when we play REAL golf I'll kick your pretty little ass," he grins. "Yeah? Don't count on it, Curly," you retort, nodding towards the screen where your name is flashing along with "WINNER!" He kisses your nose and turns off the Wii, shaking his head. "Just wait till tomorrow when I'll be the winner!" he says playfully.
Louis: "Work it! Drop it like it's hot!" Louis cheers, as the both of you play Just Dance Wii. You're both pretty awful, barely matching the onscreen character's dance moves. Louis shakes the Wii remote exasperatedly as he tries to mimic the character's twist. Eventually, you both give up trying to earn points by matching the moves and make up your own. Louis grinds up against you and you laugh as he actually gets points. "Ooooh, looks like Just Dance likey the sexual moves," he teases. You pretend to slap your ass and you both burst into a fit of laughter as you earn 100 Points for doing just that. "Just Dance really likey the sexual moves," you agree, both of you doing your best sexy dance moves.
Zayn: You both look at the START screen of Wii Tennis and he looks at you with a raised eyebrow. "How about we make a deal?" he offers. "A deal? What kind of deal?" you reply. "If I win, I get a kiss. If I lose, you get a kiss," he says with a smile. "Either way there's a kiss," you reply. "That's the point," he says with a wink. "All right, bring it on, pretty boy!" you say playfully, hitting start. You both get super into the game and after 4 extremely close rounds, you finally win. "Ha! Tattoo THAT on your ass!" you tease, doing a mini victory dance. "I think you owe me a kiss." He tosses the Wii remote on the couch and gives you a kiss. "Hmm..I think since you did a victory dance you deserve another kiss," he mumbles, kissing you again. "I think I deserve another for my witty 'tattoo that on your ass' comment," you add. He laughs and kisses you again, neither of you bothering to make up a reason to continue.
Josh: "No fair!" you complain, looking over at where Josh is kicking ass on the drum set of Rock Band. "You actually PLAY drums! I don't play guitar!" You look at your crappy score and continue pressing buttons. Josh laughs and shrugs. "Well, you're the one that challenged a DRUMMER to a game of Rock Band," he teases, not missing a beat. "All right, Joshie. How about next song we switch it up?" He raises an eyebrow as the song ends. "How so?" You laugh as you take a seat at the drum set and hand him the microphone. "You sing, I do the drums," you smile. "Sing? Bleh, I suck at singing," he sighs, taking the microphone anyway. "You're lucky I love you." The song starts and you play the drums pretty well as he croons out a song, totally off key. When the song is over you hand him the drum sticks with a smile. "I see why you're a drummer....as much as I found your singing performance thoroughly...amusing," you say with a wink. "I think you should stick to the drums, babe."
[note: in case you don't know, Wii is a video game system haha xx]
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