1D Preferences #202: You find out he's a werewolf...

Harry: "Mmmm..." you murmur, pressing your lips against Harry's, trailing your hand across his bare chest. You run your other hand through his curls and his hands are running through your hair. Your hands trail across the top of his neck and move slowly hand down his spine. Suddenly, you feel something there. A scratch? A bite mark? Harry pulls away from you quickly. "What is that?" you ask. He leans against the bed frame, hiding his back. "Nothing." he replies, his tone suggesting otherwise. "Harry. What is that?" you ask again, crossing your arms. He sighs and turns around, showing you the mark. A bite mark. Definitely a bite mark. "Is that from another girl? Are you cheating on me?" you ask, wondering why the hell there's a bite mark in such an odd place. Wondering why it's so dark and deep. "No! Of course not!" He runs his hand through his hair and sighs. "Well? Then how do you explain..this?" He shakes his head. "You won't believe me," he sighs. "Try me," you say, looking into his eyes and wait nervously. "All right. Craziest fan encounter? Not the one I say in interviews...walking out of a club by myself...fan runs over to me and, well..She bit me," Harry says, shaking his head. "And after that happened, I started feeling weird and...erm...basically..I'm a werewolf," he says. "You're kidding," you reply. Suddenly, his eyes flash yellow, razor sharp teeth shoot from his mouth and you scream. His eyes flash back to green and his teeth go back to normal. "I wish I was."
Liam: You and Liam lie on the beach blanket, side-by-side, enjoying the sun. A beautiful day at the beach, just you in your red polka dot bikini and Liam in his navy swim trunks. Liam's on his phone replying to tweets and you've got a book opened in front of you. You slide out your phone and decide to send Liam a tweet, hopefully he'll see it. "@Real_Liam_Payne kiss me you fool ;) xx" Two minutes later you hear him laugh and he pulls you closer to him, giving you a kiss. You run your hands through his short hair, your skin touching his. His hands trace your bare back, the kiss getting deeper. Suddenly, it feels like 5 knives stabbed you in the back. "OW! Fuck!" you yelp, pulling away. "Oh my God, I'm so so sorry..." Liam looks at the five marks on your back that have begun to bleed. "What...how?" you ask, wincing in pain and the sight of blood. "I'm so sorry...let me take you back to the hotel room, get you bandaged up and I'll explain..." he says nervously. He picks you up bridal-style and carries you back to the hotel room in silence. You sit on the bathroom counter as he cleans off your cuts and sticks bandages over each of them. "You gonna tell me what's up?" you sigh. He takes a deep breathe and nods. "Promise you won't tell?" You nod. He holds out his hand and suddenly, claws appear. You gasp. That's what cut you! "I'm...a werewolf...and I didn't mean to cut you," Liam mumbles. "Please don't let this change anything." You nod and kiss him anyway, touching his claws gently. "It won't," you whisper.
Louis: Louis had just gotten in the shower and you were waiting for him in the flat. The air conditioning was very high and you were freezing. You decided to go to his closet and borrow one of his hoodies. Except when you opened the closet, you didn't find hoodies. You found something quite possibly the opposite. A pile of chains and locks are lying on the floor of the closet. Suddenly, Louis is behind you, still wet, in a towel. He quickly shuts the closet door and you back away. "So either you've got a weird...chain and lock fetish, you're a kidnapper or...you're hiding something. Something big," you say quietly, nervously. He wipes a drip of water from his shoulder and sighs. "Those chains and locks are for when I lock myself up. So I don't hurt anybody on the full moon," he says, completely seriously. You laugh, assuming he's joking. He doesn't crack a smile. "So..what are you saying?" you mumble. "I'm saying...I'm a werewolf."
Niall: "Why do you keep cancelling our dates? I KNOW you aren't sick! I saw you this morning! This is the tenth date you've cancelled for no reason. Is there something wrong with me?" you shout into the phone. You hear Niall sigh. "No! That's not it at all..it's just..." he pauses. "You know what? No. Do come over tonight. I've got some explaining to do." With that, he hangs up and you stare down at the phone in confusion. Alll righty then. Two hours later, you walk into Niall's flat and it's pitch black. "Don't turn the lights on," he says grufly. You don't. You can't see him, but you can feel his presence. "Now I'm going to tell you something. You're not going to believe me, but then when I show you, you will. Please, promise you love me no matter what," he says, voice wavering. You're horribly confused and afraid at what's going on. "I...I promise," you stammer, squinting in the dark. "I cancel our dates on every full moon. Because in the full moon, I look like...this," he flips the lights on and you gasp. Niall's eyes are yellow, his nails are razor sharp and his face is almost wolf-like. "Like...a werewolf?" you stammer. "Not like a werewolf. I am a werewolf," he says, looking at you and searching your eyes for acceptance.
Zayn: You and Zayn are cooking dinner, side-by-side, singing along with music. You loved times like this. Just you and him, no paparazzi, no fans. Perfect. "My little biiird," Zayn sings, chopping carrots as you wash the lettuce. "Your my little bird," you both finish in unison, the Ed Sheeran song ending."Fucker!" Zayn shouts suddenly. You turn around and see him clutching his bloody hand. He looks up at you, his eyes look more afraid than in pain. "Aw! We've got to call an ambulance! Shit!" you say quickly, running over and grabbing a kitchen towel. When you turn back around his finger's stopped bleeding. "How...?" you mumble. His finger looks like it's never been cut. "How did you do that?" you ask. "Do what?" he replies, shrugging. "Um. Your finger was just BLEEDING buckets and now, it's like it never happened...What the fuck?" you ask, a bit annoyed. He sighs and takes a knife, slicing it across his wrist. "Zayn!" you shout in shock and horror. "Just watch," he says. You watch as the cut heals itself instantly, leaving no trace of any kind of injury. "(Y/N)...I..I have the power to heal instantly," he says, holding your hands. "Because. I'm a werewolf."
[note: yes, i was in fact watching teen wolf prior to writing this hehe xx]
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