1D Preferences #171: Your child gets hurt...

Liam: "Emily! Be careful, sweetie!" Liam calls out the window, watching his daughter with caution. He doesn't like when she's on the swing set alone, but he has to finish a phone interview. "So, Liam, how is you and (Y/N)'s lovely little girl?" the interviewer asks. Liam smiles into the phone. "She's fantastic. She's actually j-" he stops mid-sentence, seeing a once-swinging Emily was now lying on the grass. He hangs up the phone without saying good bye and runs outside. "Em! Em!" he calls. She's sitting in the grass, tears sliding down her small face. She points to the scrape on her knee, slowly bleeding and cries harder. "Aw, come here, baby," he picks her up in his arms and brings her inside. He sits her on the counter and gets the First Aid kit. "Here, don't cry. It's okay. Look, do you want a TOY STORY BAND AID?" he attemps to cheer her up and shows her the box of band-aids. Her face brightens and she nods. He carefully cleans her scrape and sticks a band-aid on. "See? All better. Want to go watch a movie?" he ruffles her hair and she nods happily, hopping off the counter and running to the television.
Louis: "Leo! Get down from there!" Louis shouts, eying his son with worry. Leo had climbed to the top of the monkey bars at the park and was laughing happily. "NO!" Leo shouts, enjoying his father's worry. "Leo! Get down here right now or I'm taking away your striped sneakers!" Louis threatens. Leo loved his striped sneakers, they were his favorite. This suddenly motivates Leo to climb down, but as he's almost at the bottom he bumps his elbow on the metal of the bars. "OWWWWWW!" he wails, grabbing his elbow in pain. "Aw, Leo!" Louis pulls Leo into his arms and ruffles his hair. "You're a Tomlinson. A little Tommo. You know what Tomlinson men are?" Louis recites. Leo sniffs and wipes away his tears. "WE TOUGH! WE STRONG!" Leo replies, flexing his arms like Louis had taught him. Louis laughs and Leo brightens, forgetting about the bruise on his arm. "Now, how about I get you an ice pack and some ice cream, little man?" Leo nods happily, taking his fathers hand.
Harry: "Darcy, please don't cry," Harry coos. Darcy's in near tears having accidentally gotten a paper cut from her favorite book. "Darcy, will you stop crying if I tell you a secret?" Darcy stops crying and sniffs, looking at Harry with interest. "Okay, secret is...I've got magical powers," he whispers, looking around as if someone might be listening. "Powers?" Darcy asks, eyes wide. "Secret powers. I can heal boo-boo's like this!" He snaps and she gasps in amazement. He sticks a band-aid on her finger and she smiles. "See? Magic!" he grins. She wraps her small arms around him in a hug. "Magic. I not tell. Secret, SHHH" she whispers. Harry laughs and pats her curly hair. "Yup. Secret magic powers," he agrees.
Niall: "Braden!" Niall jumps up at his son's sudden wail of pain. "Buddy, what's wrong?" Braden sticks out his tongue and glares at his piece of pizza through tears. "HOT!" he wails. Niall shakes his head and pulls Braden into his arms. "Buddy, I told you the pizza was real hot!" Niall examines Braden's burnt tongue, unsure of what to do. "You know what's good for a burnt tongue? ICE CREAM!" Niall cheers. Braden's face brightens at the mention of his favorite food and he quickly forgets his burnt tongue. "Ice cream! Ice cream!" he chants. Niall laughs at his son who was much like himself as a child and gets him a cherry popsicle from the freezer. "All better, bud?" Niall asks. Braden nods happily ,enjoying his ice cream.
Zayn: "Sierra, come here," Zayn hoists her onto the kitchen counter, examining her finger. A splinter. Sierra's sobs fill the room and Zayn tries to think of how to calm her down. He gets a pair of tweezers to get the splinter out, but needs to calm her down first. He begins to sing softly, her favorite song, Happily Ever After by He is We. "Oh, Happily ever after, wouldn't you know, wouldn't you know..." he sings. Sierra stops crying and smiles. "Oh, skip to the ending," she sings the next line and smiles proudly. Zayn quickly pulls the splinter from her finger and she gaps in surprise. She'd forgotten about the splinter. "I'd like to know," Zayn sings the next line, keeping her distracted as he sticks a band-aid on her finger. "All better! See?" Sierra nods and stares at her bandaged finger. "Sing the rest, please?" Zayn nods and sings the rest of the song for her as she leans on his shoulder.
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