1D Preferences #165: You find out he's been hiding something huge...

Niall: "Why don't you ever talk about your brother? Or to him?" you say casually over dinner. You'd seen a few things with him and Greg on tumblr, with Niall ignoring Greg and being a bad brother. You'd seen endless tweets from Greg to Niall yet to get a reply. Niall abruptly stops eating and drops his fork. He stares at you, pain flickering in his eyes. "I do," he lies. Niall looks down at his plate, but pushes around his food instead of eating it. "Niall, don't lie to me. Look, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to...but I worry about you. No one is carefree all the time," you place your hand over his atop the table and hope he'll open up. You hate how he buries his problems. "I haven't told anyone this before," Niall begins, toying with his napkin, not meeting your gaze. "But Greg...he was never the best brother. Or son, for that matter. Always sneaking out, gettin' into things that he shouldn't be gettin' into..." he shakes his head, remembering. "He worried my mom so much. I hated what he did to her. I hated how he treated us like we were nothin'. When I did rarely have a conversation with him, it was fighting. Shouting. Telling him what an awful older brother he was, telling him how he was hurting mom..." Niall sighs and looks up at you, his eyes welling with tears. "But once I got famous, he suddenly wanted to be the brother he'd never been. Funny, isn't it?" You walk around the table and hug Niall. You can't believe he'd kept this all bottled up inside. You don't quite know what to say, so you stroke his hair in silence. "Thank you for listening," he says after a few moments. "Thank you for talking." you reply.
Harry: "Shall we move this into the bedroom?" you purr, sliding your hand under his shirt and across his abs. "Mmmm..." he mumbles. You both make your way to the bedroom, but to your surprise he makes no attempt to remove your clothes, or his own. "Harry, I thought you'd be a pro at getting the clothes off, haven't you done this hundreds of times?" you tease, reaching for the buttons of his shirt. He gently takes your hand and kisses it. "Actually..." You raise an eyebrow. "Actually...?" His cheeks turn slightly pink. "Actually, much to the universe's surprise...I've never..." You almost gasp in shock. Harry Styles? Cheeky, flirty Harry Styles, a virgin? "You're a virgin?" you ask. He nods, seemingly embarrassed. "So am I," you confess. He smiles, seemingly less embarrassed. "How about we both change that tonight?" he says softly, turning back into the Harry you're used to.
Liam: "You know, you're sisters and mum look absolutely nothing like you," you comment on the way home from meeting his family. "Blonde, small noses..." Liam grips the steering wheel of the car and nods quietly. You notice his shoulders tense up, and realize something's wrong. "Liam, what's wrong?" you say softly. He pulls the car over before speaking. He turns to you and sighs. "I've never told anyone this, really...I mean, not even the boys know..." Liam begins. "It's not a huge huge deal, I suppose..." You stare into his eyes, silently encouraging him to continue. "I'm actually...my sisters are my half sisters..." he lets out a huge sigh, happy to finally get this off his chest. "My mom had an affair at one point..my real dad I've got no clue who that is...." you pull Liam into a hug and rub his back calmly. "But I consider my mom's husband my dad. I mean, I grew up with him as my dad. He IS my dad. Just not biologically, I suppose..." You nod, understanding him completely. "Thank you for telling me," you say gently. "Thank you for listening," he replies, planting a soft kiss on your lips and steering the car back onto the road.
Zayn: "What does that tattoo even mean, babe?" you sit up on the beach blanket and eye the large heart tattoo on his lower waist. "Hmm?" he looks at the tattoo and his jaw tightens. "If I tell you, do you promise you won't judge?" You slide off your sunglasses, hearing the serious tone in his voice. "Absolutely. I won't judge." Zayn slides off his own sunglasses and rubs the tattoo softly. "I got this tattoo to cover up an old one," he says quietly. "An old one of what?" you ask. "It was of a name. Alina. She was...my fiancee at one point." You feel your jaw drops. "FIANCEE?" you're a bit angry that he'd never told you. He looks at you with disappointment, you promised you wouldn't judge. "Sorry. Sorry! Go on," you mumble. "We got engaged, we thought we were in love. It was all so stupid..." he sighs, picking up piles of sand and letting them slide through his fingers. "But one day I found out she'd never loved me at all. She just wanted to use me to get famous. But once I got sent home from the X Factor, she thought I'd become nothing. She broke my heart, then," he says softly. "But I realized she was nothing but a gold digging, cold-hearted bitch. So I covered up her stupid name. I haven't seen her since and I never plan to." You see how much this memory hurts him and you hug him softly, glad he told you.
Louis: "Why is there a hospital bracelet on your dresser?" you couldn't help but notice the hospital bracelet with his name on it from a year ago, lying beside you as you both sat in his bed. "Hmm? Oh. Nothing." he looks at the bracelet and pain flickers across his face, but he shrugs it off. "It's not nothing. If it was nothing you'd tell me what it was, Lou," you're slightly worried, hoping he'll tell you what it's from. "Fine. I used to have pancreatic cancer, okay?" he says this like it's nothing. Like he was just commenting on your shoes or something. "CANCER?" you look at him with concern. Wondering why you never knew. Wondering if it's gone. "But it's gone, for now. They got rid of it, for now..." he trails off. You squeeze his hand. "I'm so sorry, Lou," you sniff. A tear slides down his cheek and you brush it away. "The reason I've always been the 'funny guy' is 'cause I don't want to live like someone who's in constant fear of getting sick again, you know? I don't want people to feel bad for me, I don't want people to treat me like glass..That's why I never told anyone who didn't have to know," he squeezes your hand and kisses your forehead. "But I'm glad I told you. No more secrets." You nod and hug him tightly. "No more secrets," you repeat.
[Now that I read them over, Harry's is pretty dumb compared to the rest! haha]
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