1D Preferences #154: You accidentally hit him in his privates...

Harry: "Give me that back, Curly!" You crawl onto Harry's lap, reaching for your phone. "Never! Let me see what you said about me!" He laughs, holding the phone further and further away from you. 'Harry! Gimmie!" You reach up and grab the phone, pulling it hard. He lets go of the phone and your fist, phone in hand, slams right into his crotch. "AYYY," he winces. "Oops...well, you had it coming!" You bite back a laugh and stick out your tongue. "Hey, you've got all access. if you wanted to touch me, no need to pretend that was an accident," he laughs, winking and raising his eyebrows. "You are such a little slut!" you roll your eyes, but give him a quick kiss anyway.
Liam: "So you just hold the golf club like this," he puts his hands over yours, adjusting your arms and hands to hold the golf club properly. "And swing!" He takes a step back and you eye the ball. Golf. Easy. You got this. You grip the golf club and swing it back quickly but it collides with something. Liam! "Oh my God! I'm so sorry! Are you okay?" You drop the club and look at Liam with concern. "OW," Liam howls in pain, bending over. "I'm fine," he stammers. "It's okay, I shouldn't have been standing so close..." You decide you've had enough golf for one day. Liam couldn't agree more.
Niall: "Can I have a gummy bear?" Niall asks, taking his eyes away from the television screen where the movie is playing to eye your bag of gummy bears longingly. "No! I just gave you like five," you tease. "Fine...." he scoots closer. "I'll just TICKLE YOU UNTIL YOU GIVE ME ONE!" Being super ticklish, you start spazzing out as soon as he starts tickling you. "Niall!" you squeal, laughing and flailing about. You try to push him off you, kicking your feet. But your foot accidentally kicks him right in the nuts. "Ayy!" Niall huffs, falling backwards. "That's what you get for tickling me!" you joke. "But I'm sorry. Here, have some gummy bears." You pass him a handful of gummy bears and his pain is immediately forgotten. "Ay, serves me right. But my plan worked. Food is pain," Niall shrugs, popping a gummy bear in his mouth with a laugh.
Louis: It was nearly noon and you, Louis and the boys were playing a quick game of soccer outside. Louis stood in front of the goal, making funny faces at you as an attempt to get you to miss. "Nice try, funny boy!" you tease, kicking the ball fiercely, sending it flying right towards the goal. The ball makes a loud thump as it hits Louis right in the crotch. "AH! RIGHT IN THE CARROT," Louis shouts, dropping to the ground dramatically. You cover your mouth, slightly amused, slightly concerned. You jog over to him and once you see he's fine you start to laugh and he joins you. "So, do I get extra points for that, or...?" Louis pulls you down on the grass next to him and kisses your nose with a smile. "No! But you've certainly got quite a kick. Wow."
Zayn: You've got your iPod on and are cooking dinner, lost in your food, lost in your music. Suddenly, you feel arms around your waist. Instinctively, you scream and kick the owner of those arms right in the gems. You realize it's Zayn and rip the ear buds out of your ears in horror. "Oh, shit! I'm so sorry!" You grab him an ice pack from the freezer and bring it over to him. "It's fine," he grimaces. "I didn't mean to scare you. But, wow. You've got some kick for such a beautiful little thing." You can't help but smile proudly, you'd taken karate for three years. "Maybe you should get a tattoo to commemorate this moment," you tease. He shakes his head and laughs, "Maybe I should start getting fighting lessons from you."
[requested by anon: sorry if this is like a totally awks preference haha, i wasn't sure what to like write with it sort of xx]
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