1D Preferences #153: A zombie apocalypse...

Liam: Your foot steps echo through the arena as you cross the stage slowly. You'd once been on this stage, when Liam proposed to you a year ago. The diamond on your finger doesn't shine anymore, covered in dirt and caked with blood. A year ago you wouldn't believe where the world is now. Three months ago you would've fainted at the sight of blood and dead bodies that cover the stage. That was then. This is now. You don't even bother sidestepping the corpses and pools of blood anymore. Walking across the stage to meet Liam. "See anything?" you ask, gripping the cool metal of the gun in your hand. "Not yet." Liam hovers near you protectively. Once the zombie epidemic had begun to spread, you two had been terrified, but made sure no matter what you stayed together. Everybody you knew, everybody you loved. Zombie. Dead. Gone. All that was left in your life was him, all that was left in his life was you. "Shit. There's one coming this way," you whisper, pointing towards where a snarling, hungry undead hobbles towards you. Your heart pounds. Despite killing dozens of zombies and seeing so many, each new sight filled you with new dread. Liam pushes you behind him protectively, waiting for the zombie to be close enough to shoot, but not close enough to get either of you. You watch the zombie sway, it's hungry snarls getting louder. It's curly hair matted in blood, a piece of it's skull sunken in. Curly hair. Familiar. The zombie's once navy blazer was now deep red and muddy. Blazer. "Oh God," you cover your mouth, realization hitting you like a truck. "Harry..." Liam murmurs, lowering his gun just a bit. His eyes fill with sadness, seeing his old bandmate. The creature who'd once been Harry gets closer and closer, and with no other choice, Liam fires, hitting him right in the skull and sending him flying backwards. Tears silently fall down his cheeks as they do yours. "I..I killed him..." Liam walks over to the recently shot figure and shakes his head. "You didn't kill him, Liam. He's been dead a long time. It's not even him anymore." Liam nods and wipes his tears with his sleeve. "You're right. Let's keep going. Moving on." He holds his gun in one hand, your hand in the other as you two make your way out of the arena. Going somewhere. Anywhere. Just staying alive.
Niall: "I can't do this," Niall whimpers. He holds a metal baseball bat in his shaking arms, standing in front of you protectively. "I'm not a fighter! The only fighting I've ever done is video games." He's frantic, you're frantic. "You can do this, Niall." You clutch a similar bat in your arms and try not to freak out from the sight of the zombies slamming and clawing against the dressing room door. The door can't hold them back much longer. "How are we going to fend them off?" Niall asks. "All we've got is metal bats." You shake your head. "All we can do is our best. No matter what happens, I love you, Niall." you choke. "I love you, too. I love you no matter what." Suddenly, the wooden door makes a sickening crack and moans fill the room. You and Niall both stand closer and closer, quaking with fear. You swing the bat, trying not to look too closely at the once living creatures. Just swing, swing, swing. You feel the bat make collisions with hard bone. You hear sickening cracks. Moans. You smell death. "(Y/N)! THERE'S ONE BEHIND YOU!" Niall shouts. You turn around, seeing a familar looking face. Your mother. Or what had once been your mother. The outfit is the same. The skin is now gray and bloody. Her eyes are white, lifeless. Her hair is matted to her face. Crazed look in her eyes. Her hands that had once reached out to hug you reach out to rip your skin apart. "I'm so sorry," you whisper, tears blurring your vision. You swing the bat as hard as you can, shivering at the bat makes contact with her skull. A sickening crack confirming your deed. "Niall, I think we've got them all for now," you say breathlessly, ten minutes later, looking at the lifeless bodies on the ground in horror. Niall looks up at you with sadness. "My brother..." he looks down at what once was Greg Horan with sadness. "My mom..." You both collapse in each others arms. Horrified at what you've done. Horrified at what the world has become. Horrified at what the future holds.
Zayn: "Zayn. I can't keep doing this," you whisper. You're both camped out on the roof top of what once was an office building. You savor the safety for as long as you can. There's never a moment when you aren't living in constant fear. Isn't a moment when you aren't living in sadness. Isn't a moment where you're killing those who've already been killed with the epidemic. "Yes you can. You've been so strong. We've been so strong," he wraps his arms around your thin waist. Both of you dangerously thin, food has been hard to come buy. All the stores ravaged for supplies, taken over by..them. The undead. "We can only be strong for so long. What kind of life is this?" you cry. "My whole family. DEAD. I had to KILL them, Zayn. I had to shoot my families brains out. Stare into their white eyes and bloodied faces and SHOOT them, as they tried to EAT my guts out. What kind of life is this? This isn't even a life worth living!" You toss down your gun and watch it slid across the stone of the rooftop. "But we can't give up," he whispers. "Why not? We're fighting for nothing, Zayn. There's no cure! No safety! Not a moment of safety. It's either become a zombie, get eaten alive or torn to shreds. But we don't have to go that way, Zayn." You step to the edge of the rooftop. "Are you saying..." Zayn steps next to you and you nod. "If I have to choose a way to die, I want it to be with the one I love, as peaceful as possible. I don't want to be eaten alive, I don't want to keep fighting when there's nothing to fight for. Please." Zayn drops his own gun and steps next to you. You both look down at the streets below. Crashed cars, broken windows, glass, dead bodies, blood, trash. The mess that the world is now. "I love you," he whispers. "I love you, too," You both hold hands tightly and jump.
Harry: You frantically look around for Harry in the sea of screaming people. Running. You hear screams. You hear hungry groans of the infected. The infected. You and Harry had just been walking in the park when the news spread everywhere. Radios. Twitter. Television. People running. Trying to escape what could not be escaped. The epidemic was spreading. No cure. No explanation. It just..was. It appeared suddenly. No time to prepare. "(Y/N)!" Harry runs over to you and hugs you tightly, both of you being pushed and shoved in the sea of running bodies. "HARRY, DON'T LEAVE MY SIDE," you scream over the sound. Your eyes are filling with tears. Your family. Your friends. Your life. Your world. Gone for hell. "I WON'T EVER LEAVE YOUR SIDE. NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, I LOVE YOU. DON'T EVER FORGET THAT," he shouts. He grabs your hand and you both run. Run, run, run. Neither of you turning back. When you two finally are out of breathe, you take a break in the safest clearing of trees you two have seen for miles. "This is...unreal," you stammer. "Unreal. If today is it, I want this to be the last thing I remember," Harry says softly, his eyes wet with tears. He kisses you with passion, it feels like a last kiss. Is it your last kiss? You have no way of knowing. You hate it. Suddenly, you smell the what has become familar smell of death. An infected. Before either of you can even react, you've been bitten. You feel the bite right on your arm. Your blood turns icy, your eyes turn white. You are no longer you. You're lifeless, yet alive. You've been infected. "(Y/N)! Oh God, (Y/N)!" Harry cries, backing away from you, unsure of what to do. You suddenly want more than anything to devour this curly haired boy. Who is he? Your only instinct is to inch forward, reaching for him hungrily. Harry looks into your eyes but doesn't see warmth. It's not you anymore. He could run away easily. He can outrun an infected. Two infecteds. He can outrun them, But what would he be running for? To be bitten by someone else soon after? No chance. "If I'm going to have to accept this fate, it may as well be taken by someone I lo-...someone who was once someone I loved," he whimpers. He backs up against a tree and closes his eyes as you inch forward, your teeth digging into his cheek, his skin quickly turning cold and his eyes slowly turning white. Infected.
Louis: "Like chickens with our heads cut off and trapped in a cage," you cry. Louis wraps his arms around you, watching fearfully as bloody hands slam against the tour bus windows. The bus shakes, the infected pounding on the sides of the bus angrily. Hungrily. "I never wanted to die like this," Louis says softly, shaking. "But if I have to die this way, I'm glad it's with you, (Y/N). I love you so much. I'm so sorry it has to end like this. I'm sorry we never got to do all the things we said we would." You start to cry harder at his words and he joins you. Hope. Hope has been gone a while now. Hope left as soon as you both watched Harry and Niall get bitten. Hope left when you watched Niall and Harry eat Liam alive. Hope left when you watched Zayn be ripped to shreds by people who weren't people anymore. People with white eyes, cold skin, bloody clothes. Soon, the windows break and they start climbing in. Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. You shut your eyes tightly as Louis holds you in his arms. "I love you," you stammer. Before he can even reply, you feel hands clawing at your hair, hands pulling Louis away from you. Hands of people who aren't people. Hands of the hungry. Hands of the evil. Hands of the dead. You watch them devour Louis alive. Not being able to do anything to stop them. You feel the infected clawing at you and biting your flesh. You feel pain, then nothing. You've got nothing else to feel. You lost all feeling when you saw everyone you love die. You lost all feeling when you watched the only person you'd ever truly love be ripped from your arms and devoured inches in front of you. Louis was gone, and with one last bite right in the neck, so were you.
[note: oh my god. chills from writing this!!! i hope you guys enjoyed them, i know this one is very unlike the other usually chipper/realistic preferences but... ;D]
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