1D Preferences #99: You get hurt...

Liam: "I can't believe I actually surfed that wave!" You smile in amazement, holding onto your surfboard tightly. "You were amazing! I knew you could do it," Liam beams proudly. "Want to head back and grab dinner?" He adds. "Sure! I'm starving, I feel like Niall when he skips breakfast," you joke. You both paddle back to shore, when suddenly you feel an awful shock in your foot, pain fills your body. "Fuck!" you shout. Liam quickly jogs over to you in the shallow water. "Are you all right? What happened?" You clutch your foot in pain. "I think I just got stung by a jelly fish!" He picks you up into his arms and kisses your forehead, leaving both of your surfboards on the sand. "Just stay calm, you'll be fine," he assures you, carrying you towards the hotel to get you to a doctor.
Louis: "Look how high up we are!" You shout to Louis, gripping the rough bark of the oak tree as you inch higher and higher. "I know! I could see Susan Boyle's house from here, I bet!" he jokes. He stops climbing and you look behind you. "Come on! Let's go higher!" you urge. He shakes his head. "Naw, we don't want to go too high. Look how far up we are? Come back down a few branches," he replies. "No, I'm going to go up a little higher," you try pulling yourself up onto the next branch but your sneaker slips and you feel yourself falling. "Holy shit! Oh my God..." A few moments later, you hear the thump of his feet hitting the grass and he's at your side. "Are you okay?" You rub your head. You're fine, you landed right on your wrist, though and it feels like it's broken. "My wrist.." you murmur. Louis takes out his cell phone and calls an ambulance. He strokes your hair as you both wait for the ambulance to show up. "I know you absolutely don't want to hear it, but..." Louis starts. "What, an 'I told you so'?" you roll your eyes. "No, you landed in dog poop." he hides a grin. "Eww! Louis! That's not funny!" You wince as you try moving your wrist to get up. "Hey, hey. Only kidding, don't move," he kisses your cheek and you stick your tongue out at him.
Niall: "Are the cookies done yet?" Niall eagerly bounces up and down in his seat at the kitchen table as you check the oven timer. "Just about, let me check," you open the oven door carefully and squint at the tray. Forgetting the fact that the tray is burning hot and the oven is still on, you reach your hand to grab it. "MOTHER FU..." you quickly jolt your now-red, burning hand away from the pan. "I'm such a dumb ass!" Niall jumps out of his chair and rushes you over to the sink, running cold water over the burn. "Hey, it's not so bad," he examines your hand, wincing. "I'll go get the burn cream from the medicine cabinet, don't move." He bolts out of the kitchen and returns with a small tube and a pack of band-aids. Moments later, you're burn isn't hurting so bad and it's covered in colorful band-aids. And you and Niall are eating a nice, warm plate of chocolate chip cookies.
Zayn: "Turn it up! I love this song!" You shout to Zayn, who's got his iPod speakers on the front porch. You two are dancing barefoot in the street. It's an amazing summer night, and you two have got nothing better to do. "LAST FRIDAY NIGHT! YEAH WE DANCED ON TABLE TOPS..." You and Zayn sing, dancing like no one's watching (except that paparazzi guy hiding in that bush shhhh...). You both dance and dance, when suddenly you step on something sharp. "Ow!" you grab your foot and notice you've stepped on a shard of glass from a beer bottle. "When the fuck did that get there?" you cry out. The glass is halfway in your foot and you feel tears forming in your eyes from the pain. "Oh! Whoever the fuck left that in the street.." Zayn clenches his fist, then noticing your pain, he puts his arm around you to keep you steady. "Come on, let's go get the First Aid Kit," he says gently, leading you back inside.
Harry: You and Harry were just sitting casually at the park, eating sandwiches on the picnic blanket Harry had brought along. Very romantic. Suddenly, a dog with a dark red collar runs over and starts panting and wagging its tail. "Aw, hi there pup!" you coo, you always had a weakness for puppies. "Want some of my sandwich?" You break a piece of your sandwich off and toss it a few feet away in the grass. The dog runs over, eats it, then runs back. "Aw, he likes it!" you laugh. Harry eyes the dog warily, not a huge fan of dogs. The dog, realizing the rest of the sandwich is in your hand starts eating the sandwich right out of your palm. "Hey!" you shout. You try moving your hand away, when the dog suddenly bites you. "Son of a..." you jerk your hand away and notice small dots of blood are beginning to form from where the dog's teeth broke skin. "Aw, Kitten. Let's get you to a hospital, who knows what diseases that nasty dog has," he quickly leads you back to the car, mumbling how he always knew cats were superior to dogs and he's absolutely a cat person the whole drive there.
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