1D Preferences #81: He says something unintentionally dirty...

Liam: "Beauty, there are thirty thousand people of the world watching us," he puts his arm around you and points to the twitcam screen, shoving a handful of peanuts into his mouth. "Want some cashews?" you offer, passing him the can of mixed nuts. "Yeah. I like nuts." He takes a cashew and pops it in his mouth. You burst out laughing hysterically and he looks at you confused. "What?" he asks. "You just said 'I like nuts'". He starts laughing with you, "Dirty dirty minded people." Soon #LiamLikesNuts is trending, hm...
Niall: "Get it in! Get it in!" Niall cheers, watching his favorite soccer team on TV. "That's what she said..." Harry sing-songs. You start laughing and Niall shoots you both a confused look, but then realizing what he said he joins in the laughter.
Zayn: "There are so many balls on me right now," Zayn complains. The boys are in a giant ball pit, like the kind they have at arcades for a photo shoot. You and the boys all start laughing hysterically. "What? Is it my hair?" he reaches up to fix his hair. "No, no, think about what you just said, babe," you reply. He pauses for a second, then lets out a laugh.
Harry: "I can not believe you just tweeted "@Louis_Tomlinson get your balls out of my basement," Harry," you bite back laughter, you can only imagine what will happen once tumblr gets a hold of this. "What? He left those basketballs down stairs from last weekend...oh shit," he starts laughing hysterically, realizing how dirty that tweet sounded. "Can't take it back now," he shrugs. "I've said worse."
Louis: "Louis, you're going to choke!" You watch in amazement as he stuffs a huge handful of gumballs into his mouth, looking like a squirrel. "What? I like lots of 'balls in my mouth," he says, chewing. "Do you really?" He nods, but then sees the mischievous grin on your face and you bite back laughter. "Wait, no! No I don't!" You start laughing and he joins in on your laughter. "You're such a dirty girl, I love it," he grins.
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