1D Preferences #37: He sees another guy put his hands on you

Liam: “I’ll go get the Cheerios, you get the Lucky Charms,” You both split up, each taking one end of the cereal isle. Lucky Charms…there they are! Top shelf. Cursing genetics, you try to reach the box on your tip-toes. “Here, babe. I’ll get them for you,” a guy’s voice who is certainly not Liam’s comes from behind you and grabs the box of cereal, grabbing your ass in the process. “HEY! GET AWAY FROM HER,” Liam comes running over to you and punches the guy right in the nose. The guy stumbles back clutching his now-bloody nose. Liam looks almost shocked at what he’s done, but he quickly turns to you. “Are you all right, love?” You nod, finding the bad ass protective side of Liam very hot.

Zayn: “Again, why did we even take this tango class?” Zayn is not a huge fan, these classes remind him of his X-factor dancing days. “You promised you’d take them, plus I like to dance!” The dance instructor continues showing the steps and you mimic them easily, Zayn not as easily. “Excellent Senorita, your hips move nicely to the rhythm” the dance instructor moves behind you and puts his hands on your hips to emphasize his point. “If you don’t get your hands off her, my fist will move nicely to your face.” Zayn glares at the guy and the guy eyes Zayn’s tattoos and quickly scurries away. “Zayn, he was just-” Zayn shakes his head. “I know, I just don’t want any other guy to put his hands on you, is all.”

Niall: You’re very glad you decided to show up to the boys’ rehearsal. They sound great. They just finish doing Tell Me A Lie and Paul leads Niall off the stage.”Be right back, I have to do a quick interview,” Niall winks at you and heads through the door. Yo sit alone, a bit uncomfortable as you don’t know any of the boys very well yet. “Hi there! I’m Josh,” the adorable drummer walks up to you with a smile and puts out his hand. You shake his hand, happy to no longer be awkwardly alone. “Hi, I’m (Y/N). You guys sound really great out there!” You start talking to him about touring with the guys and after a few moments, he affectionately pushes a strand of hair out of your face. “You have nice eyes, you shouldn’t cover them with your hair,” Suddenly, you see Niall right next to you with his arm on you protectively. “What the hell, man?” Josh looks confused, then he realizes you aren’t just (Y/N), you are Niall’s (Y/N)! “Sorry, man! I didn’t know this was her,” he apologizes to you and his blonde friend and you guys joke about it later.

Harry: “PARTY IT UP!” you shout, on your seventh? Sixth? Ninth? Beer of the night. Harry laughs, you are definitely a party crazy drunk. He hasn’t had too much to drink since he has an interview tomorrow morning. “HARRY, CAN I HAVE ANOTHER?” you shout over the music. “I THINK YOU’VE HAD ENOUGH, LOVE” he laughs. Suddenly, a guy dancing nearby starts to grind on you. You are confused and very drunk. Suddenly Harry pushes the man off of you with such a strong force he falls to the ground. “OH SHIT.” someone snaps a picture with their phone. “All right, let’s get you home,” he brushes off his shirt and puts his arm around you, leading you home.

Louis: “So, when did you two meet?” the interviewer holds the microphone up to Louis and Louis smiles, retelling the story. “Adorable,” the interviewer smiles, the audience gives a collective “AWWW”. “Now, (Y/N),  do you have a job? Are you a singer as well? Or, a model?” The interviewer leans over, holding the microphone out to you and placing his other hand much too close to the hem of your skirt. “Excuse me,” Louis lifts the interviewer’s hand off your leg, places his own hand on your knee protectively and takes the microphone from his hand. “I think I can hold the microphone for her, thanks.”

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